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Thursday, 26 April 2012

26 April 2012. Buzz on the Dickie Wood Trial… and More on l’Affaire Potapov/Rodzianko


I received the following intel… but there’s no official confirmation in an easily-accessible location (certainly, not the official website, Lil’ Mizz Ginny was being her usual incompetent self). Take it as you will. Here it is:

The OCA Chancery engaged armed security guards for Wood trial. Wood showed up with a priest friend. Vlad Berezansky Jr wasn’t allowed to attend because he made threats against the OCA. They held the trial in the chapel, which was arranged like a courtroom. The jury will make a recommendation to the OCA Holy Synod.

There one has it. Of course, if one follows oca.org, one wouldn’t know that this occurred. It’s not an oversight… Fathausen wants it that way… Lyonyo wants it that way… Jillions wants it that way… all the OCA/ROCOR First Family pukes want it that way. Look at the above incident in the light of the recent ROCOR kafuffle where Potatpov went off on a layperson in public on the official website. It’s clear what the First Family shits are saying… “We run the Church… we decide what’s what, and who’s who. We’ll attack in public who we will, and keep secret what we will, to suit our notions. Christ, the Church, the canons, and Holy Tradition be damned”. Do you remember how Fathausen said, “It’s all over… everything’s changed?” He was absolutely right! He’s twice as secretive as Herman ever was, and he’s done his best to change things by trying to destroy what’s left of the legacy of the Metropolia.

By the way, I did some checking on the Nyack situation that Potapov went off on. Apparently, there’s been little, if any, trouble in the parish since the 2007 reconciliation, and that parish life’s not only rather normal, but better than in many other places. As one of my informants put it:

Since the schismatics left five years ago, that parish has come alive… they’re friendly, open, welcoming, and…. HAPPY! These bitter schismatics are nasty folk. Trust me. This Oleg Rodzianko’s related to the OCA’s late Bishop Basil Rodzianko. They can’t even get along with their own families!

In short, there was NO need for Potapov’s missive, and certainly not to post it on the official website in a prominent position. In any case, Potapov had no call to interfere in the situation. He’s not the priest of the parish, nor is he the Dean of the local area. He’s certainly no bishop! Ergo, if anyone were to comment on Mr Rodzianko’s behaviour in public, it should’ve been Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral (the ruling bishop), Bishops George Schaefer or Jerome Shaw (his vicar bishops), or Fr George Larin (the parish vicar, whom I believe is also the local dean). Potapov’s an interfering megalomaniac outsider with no responsibility for the Nyack parish. He should’ve taken his concerns to the Metropolitan and let Vladyki Hilarion comment on it, not go half-cocked to Perekrestov demanding that his post go up on the official website. Yes, Mr Potapov, there ARE procedures and a chain-of-command in the Church… and you dumped all over them. You are NOT a bishop… you’re only a priest… you’re nothing but the bishop’s delegate. Ergo, only a bishop (and the ruling bishop, at that) had the right and/or duty to comment publicly on this situation, not you… a priest who’s not even responsible for the smallest item in that parish.

The people in Nyack will put this legal folderol right, no doubt. It may cost them some money to do so. So, if you have the means, contact them, and help. That’s better than writing a vituperative “open letter” on the official website. I’ve never seen the like before… and I hope never to see the like again. I’ll say this… Metropolitans Leonty Turkevich and Anastasy Gribanovsky are looking down from heaven aghast at it all. A priest attacking a layman in public using the official Church media… there are canons about that, too, I’m sure. It doesn’t matter what the layman did… I’ve never seen the like before. Pass me the jug… yes, the world’s crook, but this is more than usual…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 26 April 2012

Albany NY 


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