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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MP Prepared to Send Monks as Envoys to Kosovo

Destroyed Orthodox church in Kosovo… the USA turns its back and ignores it all. Thank you, Neocon Republicans! When you vote, remember that the GOP recognised the illegitimate Kosovo robber-state… and that they’ll return to that policy in full vigour, if elected in November. Reflect on the fact that Paffhausen and Potapov support the enemies of the Kosovo Serbs, and aren’t ashamed of it in the least. Shameful… utterly shameful… 


Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, the head of the MP Department of External Church Relations, said that the MP’s ready to send monks as envoys to help Christians in Kosovo. Vladyki Hilarion is part of a large MP delegation headed by Patriarch Kirill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias, which has been in Bulgaria since Friday. In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio on Sunday, Metropolitan Hilarion said, “We support this idea, and as we’ve said before, we’re ready to send monks to Kosovo. If we do that, we’re obliged to act in the interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The situation in Kosovo’s quite complicated, as some of the monasteries are in majority-ethnic-Albanian territory, which is hostile not only to Serbia and to Serbs, but also to their religion”. Vladyki Hilarion emphasised that monasteries in Kosovo have problems relating to security, preserving monastic life, and preserving Serbian cultural heritage. Ergo, the MP will cooperate with the SPC to help them through such a complicated situation.

29 April 2012


Sofia News Agency


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