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Friday, 4 May 2012

4 May 2012. D’oh! Are Doughnuts the Latest Thing in Russia? Pyshki in Murino Outside Piter…



Doughnuts three for a buck… sausage in dough (“pigs in a blanket“) or pirozhki, a buck apiece… chicken legs for four bucks… pork shashlyk for five bucks… a “gamburger” or a “sendvich” for a buck and a half… betcha the bus drivers hang out here...



Got a yen for something sweet and not-so-good-for-you? Yes, Virginia, you CAN find halfway-decent doughnuts in the Rodina. In Moscow, they’re known as ponchiki… in Piter, they’re pyshki… no, I do NOT know why there’s a difference! They’re good eats, whatever you call them… the images are from a pyshki shop near Piter in Murino.

Click here for an audio presentation of the In Between programme from VOR talking about doughnuts and fast food. It can take a minute or two to load… some good stuff (24 minutes) on ordinary life. Doughnuts… not bombs… pastries… not demonstrations. Sit back and enjoy Donna and Julia… it’s in English, guys…



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