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Friday, 4 May 2012

4 May 2012. Some Images and One Orthodox Christian Woman’s Thoughts Upon Them…

The Church is PRO-LIFE, NOT anti-abortion. That is, its social vision is closer to that of the Democratic rather than the Republican Party. Responsible Church spokesmen such as His Nibs and V R Legoida have made it clear that the Church prefers to have Church and state resources available to women so as to make a REAL choice for life possible. That is, the Church is AGAINST the GOP‘s attempt to slash social spending to benefit the rich and to bankroll incessant and unending wars in foreign parts. We’re not Hard Right Republicans… nor do we favour their Anti-Life Pro-One Percent Pro-Permanent Warfare agenda.


There’s a proper way to respond to the Hard Right idiots trying to take over the Church… THIS is how. Mark your ballot for President Obama on Election Day. Remember St Aleksei Toth and how he blessed the Wobblies, and remember Baba and Dede and their courage in the sit-down strike days (they ARE watching you from above, dear). All that the Monomakhos jokers can do is make a lotta noise…


Willard Romney, like Richard Cheney, is a gutless yellow coward who refused to do any form of service during the Vietnam War, yet, he’s a strident advocate of the Permanent Warfare State… none dare call it hypocrisy…


The Church is against racism… the GOP is NOT. Any questions?


St Paul said, “Radix malorum est cupiditas” (“Greed is the root of evil”), for Greed is the Mother of all the Vices… the Republican Party says, “Greed is good” (and Evangelicals such as Franklin Graham drool their slobbering approval of it and call it “godly” and “god-ordained”)… one of these things is not like the other…


No other civilised society allows as widespread toleration of untrammelled handgun use as does the USA, mainly due to the NRA and its GOP political whores. If you wish to keep long arms at home or for hunting… that’s fine (and no danger to society at large). There’s no need to pack concealed handguns… this is NOT the Wild West


We do NOT agree with the RCs on many moral, dogmatic, and disciplinary points. We do NOT forbid artificial contraception… we DO allow divorce… we do NOT believe in papal supremacy or infallibility… we do NOT require clerical celibacy… and there’s much, much more. Don’t be fooled by konvertsy blathering and Basil Essey’s (always a “soft” SVS fanatic) recent stunt regarding an ill-advised political utterance… we don’t agree with the RCs on many things, and always shall (the impression given was that the Church agrees with the papist ban on artificial contraception… it does NOT). We have nothing against Catholics (the gate IS open to all people of good-will), but we do NOT agree with their pope or their confession (said with all due respect and with no rancour towards any individual). Above all, most Orthodox don’t agree with the Hard Right liars who say that President Obama’s trying to restrict religious freedom. NO religious body may use the state or its regulations to enforce its sectarian tenets (especially on people outside of its membership)… NONE… and that DOES include Catholics.

Oh, yes… there’s a certain Orthodox bishop who’s forever mooning about homosexuality… yes… he’s a disciple of Gleb Podmoshensky, one of the most notorious sodomites in recent Church history… fancy that…




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