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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

8 May 2012. Lest We Forget… Tomorrow is Victory Day… 67 Years Since the Great Victory

Then… Soviet sniper Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlichenko (1916-74)… life went on… youth remained youth. There were 2,000 women who served as snipers in the Red Army during the Second Great Patriotic War (the First was against Napoleon)… only one in four lived to see the first Victory Day.


Now… Retired Colonel of Armoured Troops Lyudmila Kalinina (1915- )… their ranks thin with each passing year… all too soon, there’ll be none left… say, THANK YOU. Without these people, we’d have grown up under the dark shadow of Fascism… if we had grown up at all. Ponder that…


Each year… fewer and fewer… if you see a World War II vet, thank them for having rid the world of manifest evil. Be vigilant… demagogues pop up, especially at times of stress and disorder. It’s our duty to smack ’em down… HARD. You can’t be kind with the rightwing… Hitler and the Nazis taught us that. Honour the vets… fight for freedom as they did (yes, Virginia, the New Deal WAS socialistic)… don’t accept torture and aggression as normal. Otherwise, the long night WILL fall… the lights WILL go out in our time… and a barbaric “conservative” nightmare WILL crush out all humanity and all that’s worth living for.



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