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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Circassians from Syria Return to Russian Homeland


The head of the Republic of Adygea’s Committee on Nationality Affairs said that an initial group of 25 Circassians from Syria arrived in the southern Russian Republic of Adygea for permanent resettlement in their ancestral homeland. At the first meeting of the Commission devoted to supporting compatriots in Syria, Asker Shkhalokhov said, “The Syrian Circassians are coming on the usual terms, the same used with all repatriates. Most of them are renting apartments. The issue of providing land for them to build homes is being examined”. The commission asked the Republic’s government to monitor the housing market in order to help accommodate the influx from Syria. This year Adygea, a mountainous state in the North Caucasus Federal District, received a quota to issue temporary residency permits to 457 immigrants.

Adygean Prime Minister Murat Kumpilov said at the meeting, “This is a serious complex issue. The republic has experience receiving and placing repatriates, but now we need coordinated action by all government bodies in order to provide the maximum assistance to our compatriots [from Syria]”. In 1998, Adygea granted residency to 150 repatriates who fled the fighting in Kosovo. Other repatriates have arrived from the Georgian breakaway republic of South Ossetia. Last December, Russian media reports stated that over 100 members of Syria’s Circassian community sent an appeal to then-President Dmitri Medvedev asking for repatriation to their historic homeland. The tsarist Russian government exiled the Circassians en masse from their North Caucasus homeland to the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century, with many perishing enroute. Some 90 percent of Circassians live outside their historical homeland, with large communities spread across the Middle East.

12 May 2012



Editor’s Note:

This is very good news… it shows that Russia has no fear of Muslims as the American rightwing does. In any case, a no-nonsense ex-VDV officer who beat the Americans to Priština in 1999 is the top dog in Adygea. The Americans were attempting to steal some of the latest Russian MiGs that had been sold to Federal Yugoslavia. Well… the Russian paras did an eight-hour road march without headlights in the darkness and beat the overconfident Yanks to the air base.

The Circassians are also known as the Cherkess people… they’re Sunni Muslims, in the main. If I had my choice between the hard-core Cherkess people or Christian Right Born Agains as neighbours, there’s no question. I’d pick the Cherkess people… they’re known for their honour, character, and hospitality… they DON’T believe in “the race goes to the swiftest” or “rugged individualism”. Bully for them, they’re a brave people…



Greek President May Announce New Parliament Vote If Last-Minute Coalition Talks Fail


State television reported that Greek President Karolos Papoulias would hold consultations on Sunday with Greek political leaders in an attempt to make a final try to form a coalition government. Greece had held its first general election since the onset of the debt crisis in late 2009, which prompted the Greek authorities to implement deeply unpopular austerity measures in exchange for bailout funds from the EU and the IMF to stave off sovereign default. The first two places in the 6 May parliamentary election went to centre-right New Democracy and radical leftist SYRIZA. They both failed to form a coalition government. Third place-finisher centre-left PASOK, led by Evangelos Venizelos, also refused to take the presidential mandate to form a coalition, citing unwillingness from SYRIZA to join the coalition. If the leading Greek political parties and the president fail to come to an accord, Papoulias will have to announce another parliamentary election.

12 May 2012



12 May 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. What Will the New Russian Government Be Like?


11 May 2012



12 May 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. The End of the World Has Been Cancelled… 2012

The End of the World Has Been Cancelled…

Sergei Yolkin



Mr Yolkin mines a bit of ordinary Russian reality for laughs. At this time of year, the heating, hot water, and electricity in Russian apartment blocks undergo planned maintenance, which leads to (sometimes unannounced) shutoffs of the utility or service concerned. “It’s NOT the end of the world, Vsevolod Anatolyevich, it’s just the plumbers working on the hot water… you’ll have it back in a day or two {which means “next week”: editor}”. It’s a slice of Modern Russian urban life…

Besides that, Maya’s a rather common Russian female name… in short, Sergei Yolkin (as per usual) milks the maximum amount of SMILE from a given topic, yet again. It’s why he’s one of my faves…


Dmitri Belyaev, deputy director of the Knorozov Mesoamerican Centre of Russian State Humanitarian University (RGGU), said in an interview with RIA-Novosti that Mayan tradition, or, more precisely, their traditional calendar, doesn’t make any predictions about the coming end of the world in 2012; it’s only the end of one of its cycles, not the endpoint of all time.

11 May 2102

Sergei Yolkin



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