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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

“Buranovskie Babushki” Wow Journalists in Baku


Even before they arrived in Baku, the “Buranovskie Babushki” aroused interest amongst the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. However, after the first rehearsal, when journalists saw the live performance of the Russian group, the excitement increased. It’s traditional for the journalists to take an informal poll amongst themselves daily at the press centre, in the latest vote, Russia ranked first. Not only the sheer numbers testify to the favourite… the journalists like to hum the Babushki’s song Party for Everybody, and many use it as their ring tone.



Meanwhile, according to their spokesman, Svetlana Syrygina, the Babas did a commercial for soft drinks for TV, in order to earn money to build a church in their native village. Syrygina said, “The ad with the Buranovskie Babushki will air during May and June, the TV will carry it during the contest. Besides that, the Babushki will appear on the bottle label, with a number given so that people can make a call to vote for them”. The Babas did the commercial in late April, shortly before they went to Baku for the ESC finals. The video is funny and a bit self-deprecating… the Babas ride around in a limo, act as DJs, and dance with actors in chicken suits to their hit Party for Everybody. Syrygina said that they wouldn’t publicise the fee for the ad, but that all the money earned from it will go to help build a church in their home village of Buranovo. The Buranovskie Babushki emphasise strongly that the only reason that they perform on stage and participate in contests is so they can help their local parish.

15 May 2012

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