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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

16 May 2012. Konvertsy Faction Raising Unauthorised Cultus Around the Person of the Late Archbishop Dmitri

No, Dmitri was NOT a saint… and all the caterwauling by all the konvertsy can’t make it so…


Got this from another Kitchen Cabinet member:

Ground was broken at St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas TX to build the mausoleum to be the final resting place for the corpus {“corpus” was in the original, I’d NEVER be that vacuous and fatuous: editor} of Archbishop Dmitri. Metropolitan Jonah, Subdeacon Jeff Wynn, Milos Konjevich, diocesan treasurer, and Subdeacon Vladimir Gregorenko have met with the architect Nick Unich and his associate to design the new chapel. According to Michael Smith, task force member and parish council member, “We couldn’t be more excited. This is a positive uplifting experience for the entire Diocese of the South to have Vladyka back with us”.

With the pouring of the foundation scheduled for week of 14 May, Archbishop Dmitri could arrive back at the cathedral as early as 1 July. The chapel construction should start shortly thereafter and take nine to 12 months. Approximately 40 percent of the funds needed to complete construction of the chapel are now available. A new website at AbpDmitri.org (under construction) will follow the progress of construction.


The OCA’s out of bloody gelt (so much so that JP’s reaching into local DC funds to pay his rent), yet, there’s money being spent on this. It does make one wonder if Dickie Wood got the drop because his crook starosta was skimming funds for JP… it’s not inconceivable, given the murky history of Bobby with the Moscow OCA representation (and JP’s Bobby’s Boy… make no mistake on it). Furthermore, sources tell me that konvertsy nutters are painting Royster’s icon… just as some SVS oddbods have painted Schmemann’s icon (like the crew at New Skete… AARGH). All in all, Dmitri was a equivocal figure at best… but it does give one a handle on the mentality of the konvertsy… scary, ain’t it? Well, there’ll probably be another tempest in a teacup amongst the unrepresentative nutjob lot at Monomakhos… remember this… anyone who posts under a “username” AUTOMATICALLY forfeits credibility… ponder that. You wonder what they’re scared of…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Albany NY

This Just In Department:

Apparently, Gregory Burke and a fellow named Gantt are listed as clergy on the OCA Diocese of the South website, but not on the main OCA website. A Kitchen Cabinet member opined:

What’s going on? Is Burke a cleric in good standing or not? Is Gantt an OCA cleric or not? As you say, Fathausen’s more secretive (actually downright sneakier!) than Herman ever was…

Quite. That’s why rumour walks abroad… if the Metropolitan and his claque are secretive, what does that do? Would Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich have acted in such a way? Answer me that one…



16 May 2012. The Grapevine Sez That Dickie Wood’s in Manton… Time Will Tell


Some interesting scuttlebutt from the grapevine’s “out there”… I’ll say that since I heard it from one source, it’s a “maybe probable”. It’s certainly not impossible. The word has it that Dickie Wood’s in Manton CA at JP’s old monastery. Benjamin and JP would want to keep Dickie away from his allies at SVS and from his pals in Lyonyo’s circle. That makes it “interesting” because it’s an action that “makes sense, given the situation”. Of course, the logical question is, “If Dickie’s in Manton, is it voluntary, or, is it a coerced stay to get Dickie out of circulation?” I’ve received nothing to put even the most tenuous speculation out on that one. As always, you pays your money… it’s what “out there”, and the OCA apparat has no one but itself to blame for the current atmosphere of rumour and innuendo… it’s a direct result of their twisted and maniacal secrecy.

For those who’d like to know, Manton is @150 klicks (95 miles) due west from Platina, a 2.5 hour drive on secondary roads (no doubt, JP moved it there to be closer to his nutter pal Gerasim). That’s to say, it’s in the heart of Nutty Squirrel HOOMie land… Dickie’s in “Indian country” as we said in the service… poor guy (I don’t have to like him to see the nastiness of his exile).

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Albany NY

Another Member Spoke Up:

I just got this:

Wood was sent to the monastery for repentance. Holy Synod took no action, they’re just keeping the status quo… he’s suspended.

THIS is the sort of news that oca.org should be posting… not bootless stuff about some oddjob at SVS getting 40 Gs to plan a concert. However, I think that they won’t do anything until the barrel goes over the falls… then, it’ll be too late. Pass me the jug…


Moscow Celebrations Planned to Mark the Fifth Anniversary of the Reunion of the ROCOR with the MP

Metropolitan Laurus Škurla with Patriarch Aleksei Rediger at the 2007 reconciliation service (both 1929-2008)… both would be dead before the end of the next year…


In May, the Church will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion between the MP and the ROCOR. A ROCOR delegation under the leadership of Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral of New York and Eastern America will participate in the festivities in Russia, and they will visit Diveyevo and St Petersburg as part of their visit. On 19 May 2012, there’ll be a traditional open-air Patriarchal Divine Liturgy at the Butovo Polygon at the church dedicated to the New Martyrs killed there. On 20 May, at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias will serve Divine Liturgy. After that, His Holiness will meet with Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral and the hierarchs and clergy of the ROCOR delegation accompanying him, as well as with members of the working group formed to discuss the strengthening of the unity of the Church on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion.

On the same day, in the Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at 17.00 MSK (14.00 UTC 09.00 EDT 06.00 PDT), Patriarch Kirill will host a formal affair to mark the fifth anniversary of the restoration of canonical unity of the Local Church of Moscow and all the Russias. Members of the ROCOR official delegation, MP hierarchs, members of the MP/ROCOR working group, clergy, government leaders, politicians, and public figures will be attend the event. On 21 May, in the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Epiphany in Yelokhovo, His Holiness and members of the ROCOR delegation will serve a Pannikhida for Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Happy Memory.

15 May 2012



16 May 2012. King Rush Speaks…


There’s been much Sturm und Drang in the rightwing universe. Let’s keep it centred. Reflect on this from King Rush:

[Obama’s] base is made up of people even more vile than he is, walking human debris. Those savages that make up the Obama base are fit to be tied; their orgasm is for Obama to savage us.

Hmm… we have priests and bishops who make excuses for this man (I kid you not). Yet, I don’t think that lynching does any damned good. After hearing much groundless bloviating from the entire rightwing punditocracy this year, there is only one thing that decent people can do this November. Vote for the President… don’t argue with drooling ignorant yahoos, all that’ll do is exasperate you and lead you to do something stupid that you’ll regret later (although it’ll feel quite good at the time of commission). Most outside non-American commentators see an Obama victory this year… all around the world, Neoliberalism’s in a death spiral. This evil theomachistic movement (“Greed is good”… “The race goes to the swiftest”), which began in the ‘80s under Slobberin’ Ronnie, is choking on its own poisons and “freedoms”. It’s quite simple… we have a stark choice… on the one hand, we have an imperfect centre-leftist moderate… on the other, we have an extremist rightwing nutter who belongs to a militant anti-Christian cult (who changes his position hourly to pander to his yahoo base). Taking the real-world alternatives in mind, my choice is for President Obama, “Oft we mar what’s good enough by trying to do better”…

In King Rush’s view, I’m “walking human debris”… and so are you, most probably. However, don’t get angry! Reflect on the fact that unbridled capitalism REWARDS such human sludge and calls them “respectable”. Then, mark your ballot for the President, and smile. Freedom is for PEOPLE… NOT “corporations”. When was the last time that a corporation hugged you and said, “I love you”… I rest my case…


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