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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Contact Information for Parish Holding Metropolitan Constantine’s Funeral


If you wish further information on the funeral arrangements for Metropolitan Constantine, please contact the rector of St Vladimir parish in Pittsburgh PA. The information at the official website is:

2828 Wohleber Street
Pittsburgh PA 15212
Telephone: (412) 322-8496
E-mail: frjh@comcast.com

I don’t have any further information… so, please, contact the people who ARE “in the know”…



22 May 2012. Metropolitan Constantine Buggan Died Yesterday at the Age of 75… Вечная памятъ!


Metropolitan Constantine Buggan (1936-2012), with young people in 2007… he was a stand-up guy… when Nicholas Smisko died, he was right there… I bow before his memory.


Schedule of Funeral Services

We write once again to share with the dear clergy and faithful of our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church, all other Orthodox Christians, family and friends of our beloved Metropolitan Constantine of Blessed Memory the schedule for his funeral services. His Beatitude fell asleep in our Lord on Monday morning, 21 May 2012, just two days after the celebration of the 40th anniversary of his episcopal consecration, which he refused to postpone because of a recent hospitalisation, seemingly so that he could say goodbye to the hundreds of clergy and faithful who participated in the celebration. During the two-day celebration, the love that poured out upon him from his flock and his friends from childhood appeared to strengthen the Metropolitan. May his soul rest in eternal happiness and may his memory be eternal in God’s Heavenly Kingdom.

Friday 25 May 2012:

St Vladimir Parish
1810 Sidney Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203


The body of Metropolitan Constantine will arrive at the Church and Archbishop Antony and Bishop Daniel will receive it.


Pannikhida/Memorial Service served by the hierarchs and clergy from the Western PA Deanery and others present.


The Metropolitan will lie in state in the church. Clergy and Seminarians will read the Gospel and the Psalms throughout this time. Clergy and faithful are welcome to visit the church to honour the Metropolitan during this time.


Our hierarchs and clergy, along with any other Orthodox hierarchs and clergy present, will serve the Priestly Funeral Service.

Saturday 26 May 2012:

St Vladimir Parish
1810 Sidney Street
Pittsburgh PA 15203


Divine Liturgy followed by Pannikhida/Memorial Service


A luncheon commemorating Metropolitan Constantine at a site to be announced in a day or two.

Interment services will be at St Vladimir Parish Cemetery following the luncheon by hierarchs and clergy. Unfortunately, the cemetery and the roads surrounding it won’t permit a large number of automobiles. Hence, the service will be for family members and those close friends and relatives they invite to join them. We’re prayerful that others will understand this situation. We will inter our Metropolitan next to his parents Stanley and Catherine.

Note for Clergy:

The Vestment colour for both prayer services on Friday night and Saturday morning is Bright White.

Hotel Accommodations: 

The Consistory Office of Public Relations was able to book a block of rooms at DoubleTree Hotel (101 DoubleTree Drive; Pittsburgh PA 15205; Telephone: (412) 922-8400) at the rate of $89.00 (plus tax) per day for Single or Double Occupancy. When making reservations, please mention METROPOLITAN CONSTANTINE Room Block code.

In lieu of flowers, we request that contributions be made in memory of Metropolitan Constantine to:

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

All Saints Camp Fund

PO Box 495

South Bound Brook, NJ  08880

Вечная памятъ!

In our Lord’s all-Encompassing Love,

Archbishop Antony Scharba

Bishop Daniel Zelinsky

21 May 2012

Official Website of the UOC/USA (EP)


22 May 2012. Gerasim Eliel’s A SCHOLAR… SVS Sez So… Get a Load of the Konvertsy Twaddle Concerning Dmitri Royster


Read this. Aren’t we SO lucky! To think that Gerasim Eliel is SO brilliant. He flunked out or dropped out of GTU in Berkeley (so did Fathausen… birds of a feather, ya know). However, SVS was able to coax out his “inner scholar”… yes, siree… no doubt, aided by the knowledge that their time upon the earth would be short if they graded Fathausen’s pal objectively. What else do you expect from the likes of Vanya Behr, Paul Meyendorff, Seraphim Sigrist, John Erickson, and Peter Bouteneff? Nevertheless, “triple honours?” From a dropout at a recognised legit school to a sterling scholar at SVS? Please, do spare me. Lil’ Mizz Ginny didn’t disappoint either… her gushing “coverage” proved, once again, that Suslov didn’t die in vain, and that tendentious ideologues still walk the earth. In short, this is NO surprise, but the very vacuity of this is only going to accelerate the OCA’s death spiral.

If that wasn’t all… look at this. Sickening, isn’t it? Let’s just say that Royster’s an equivocal figure at best, and an immoral one at worst. It depends on whom you believe… his murky past in one of the woollier Ukrainian outfits didn’t give him a good start… then, well, he didn’t get the white hat in the ‘70s because of “stories that wouldn’t die”. He did build his cathedral in the gay neighbourhood in Dallas… that’s a fact. Take it from there…

God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY  

22 May 2012. Notre Dame Panders to Loony Rightwing Catholic Fringe by Filing Suit Against Obama Healthcare Plan

Don’t be fooled by the “bait n’ switch” in this one… they’re making noise in the hope that you’ll ignore the sexual abuse crisis amongst some of their clergy…


Read this. Observe this howler:

In its suit, the school says that the healthcare reform’s contraception mandate violates its religious freedom, and would require it to go against Catholic principles by offering contraception and sterilization to students and faculty in its insurance plan. The university serves 11,500 students of different religious faiths, and is traditionally led by a Catholic priest as president.


Earth to Notre Dame! Your religious freedom wasn’t abridged in the least. If you wish to teach that artificial contraception‘s evil… well, go ahead, no one’s stopping you. However, the state CAN step in and demand that you offer coverage for artificial contraception, as you have staff members, faculty, employees, and students who aren’t Catholic. Repeat… you have people on your campus covered by your healthcare plan who aren’t Catholic. You can’t use the coercive power of the state to force Catholics to follow Catholic “teachings”, let alone to use it to ram such tenets down the throats of non-Catholics. That’s not only evil, its blasphemous, offensive, and improper. The Lord Christ wouldn’t have used such methods, so, we shouldn’t, either.

You hear a lot of rightwingOrthodox” echoing the rubbish spouted by rightwing Catholics. Firstly, our moral theology and that of the papists’, although similar, isn’t identical. We do NOT teach that artificial contraception’s evil, only a few unrepresentative oddbods like Patrick Reardon teach such arrant nonsense. Secondly, the idea that the Catholics and we have an “alliance” is a specious error spread abroad by Hilarion Alfeyev (he’s not the “Blunder” for nothing). The konvertsy are all in awe of him… which shows how shallow and superficial they are. The Blunder has “gee-shucks” good looks, he’s photogenic, and his fruity Oxbridge accent fools the lot of ‘em.

In short, we don’t have common cause with the RCs on this one… no matter how much Potapov and Paffhausen will caterwaul otherwise. In any case, the RCs are trying to divert attention from their sexual abuse scandals… as are some of our people… could I mention a case in Canada? Or, is that mean-spirited?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY

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