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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Gerasim Eliel’s A SCHOLAR… SVS Sez So… Get a Load of the Konvertsy Twaddle Concerning Dmitri Royster


Read this. Aren’t we SO lucky! To think that Gerasim Eliel is SO brilliant. He flunked out or dropped out of GTU in Berkeley (so did Fathausen… birds of a feather, ya know). However, SVS was able to coax out his “inner scholar”… yes, siree… no doubt, aided by the knowledge that their time upon the earth would be short if they graded Fathausen’s pal objectively. What else do you expect from the likes of Vanya Behr, Paul Meyendorff, Seraphim Sigrist, John Erickson, and Peter Bouteneff? Nevertheless, “triple honours?” From a dropout at a recognised legit school to a sterling scholar at SVS? Please, do spare me. Lil’ Mizz Ginny didn’t disappoint either… her gushing “coverage” proved, once again, that Suslov didn’t die in vain, and that tendentious ideologues still walk the earth. In short, this is NO surprise, but the very vacuity of this is only going to accelerate the OCA’s death spiral.

If that wasn’t all… look at this. Sickening, isn’t it? Let’s just say that Royster’s an equivocal figure at best, and an immoral one at worst. It depends on whom you believe… his murky past in one of the woollier Ukrainian outfits didn’t give him a good start… then, well, he didn’t get the white hat in the ‘70s because of “stories that wouldn’t die”. He did build his cathedral in the gay neighbourhood in Dallas… that’s a fact. Take it from there…

God help us all.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY  

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