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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Is There Trouble at St T’s?

Why are Boyer and Atty dumping on St T’s history and legacy? Just when you thought that you’d seen it all…


One of my sources said:

There’s a big fight between Atty and Boyer. The Pavilion’s on seminary property, which means that they’ll have to serve Liturgy at the bell tower, which is on the monastery grounds. There’s no word yet on the choir.

My first thought was, “Fr John from Mayfield should go down there and talk some sense into these jabronies”. Then, it struck me… neither Atty or Boyer is “po-nashemu”, in the NE PA (the original Hunkie Heartland) sense of the term. The old-time Hunkies would NEVER have had such a dispute, and, certainly, they wouldn’t let it affect the Memorial Day Pilgrimage. The konvertsy are gaga over Boyer and Atty… well, I say, “Good trees don’t bear bad fruit”… and if it tastes like shit, it probably IS shit. Don’t forget Atty shitcanned a Matushka at STS, so that his wife and daughter could take her place. Great guy, huh? This wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Leonty Turkevich… it wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Kyprian Borisevich. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would occur when Vladyki Kyprian heard of such a stunt? You’d see the lightnin’ flashes all the way clear to Binghamton. Trust me, such a faux pas would NEVER happen again…

If you needed proof that the OCA’s terminal and beyond help… this is it. Cross yourself and pass the jug… what else can be done at this late hour?



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