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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. Is There Trouble at St T’s?

Why are Boyer and Atty dumping on St T’s history and legacy? Just when you thought that you’d seen it all…


One of my sources said:

There’s a big fight between Atty and Boyer. The Pavilion’s on seminary property, which means that they’ll have to serve Liturgy at the bell tower, which is on the monastery grounds. There’s no word yet on the choir.

My first thought was, “Fr John from Mayfield should go down there and talk some sense into these jabronies”. Then, it struck me… neither Atty or Boyer is “po-nashemu”, in the NE PA (the original Hunkie Heartland) sense of the term. The old-time Hunkies would NEVER have had such a dispute, and, certainly, they wouldn’t let it affect the Memorial Day Pilgrimage. The konvertsy are gaga over Boyer and Atty… well, I say, “Good trees don’t bear bad fruit”… and if it tastes like shit, it probably IS shit. Don’t forget Atty shitcanned a Matushka at STS, so that his wife and daughter could take her place. Great guy, huh? This wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Leonty Turkevich… it wouldn’t have happened under Vladyki Kyprian Borisevich. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would occur when Vladyki Kyprian heard of such a stunt? You’d see the lightnin’ flashes all the way clear to Binghamton. Trust me, such a faux pas would NEVER happen again…

If you needed proof that the OCA’s terminal and beyond help… this is it. Cross yourself and pass the jug… what else can be done at this late hour?



22 May 2012. No Lie… Arizona Secretary of State Threatens to Kick President Obama Off the Ballot in His State

Why can’t the contemporary GOP act like its honourable forebears? At one time, the GOP FOUGHT corporate vultures… it broke up mega-corporations… today, it’s their scabby and shameless whore… O Fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis (O, Fortune, as fickle as the moon…)…


How ’bout a little “mood music”…


Read this. Now, note this quote:

“Sometimes, when you want to believe something badly enough, no amount of evidence to the contrary will change your mind”, says Brian Montopoli at CBS News. Bennett isn’t alone either. He was moved to act by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is going full-birther, and three GOP congressmen have recently said they’re not sure if Obama’s American. Catherine Poe at The Washington Times  said, “The birther movement would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. It’s rampant paranoia. It’s unsettling that some Americans will always believe that Obama isn’t one of us and he tricked us to become president”.


The birthers are such lunatics that even the reliably-Far Right Washington Times is distancing itself from them. Willard Romney has the obligation and DUTY to condemn this nonsense explicitly and without equivocation or waffling… or mount a legal challenge against the President immediately, asking that the SCOTUS hear this case on an emergency basis, for if the President were, in fact, legally-ineligible to hold the office of POTUS, that would be his DUTY. I’ll be blunt… all of the birther conspiracy theories are pure bullshit… they don’t contain a scintilla or iota of truth, but Wafflin’ Willy refuses to condemn birtherism… too many of the bubbas in his base actually believe it (as they also believe that the President’s a Muslim and that there was a shooter behind the grassy knoll).

If you needed proof that the contemporary Republican Party has gone around the bend, and that’s its terminally-gaga, this is it, kids. Wherefore art thou, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike Eisenhower, Jake Javits, and Gerald Ford? Oh… I forgot… King Rush and Queen Ann label them RINOs… izzat so? Here’s what the Republican Party used to stand for, as Teddy said:

The great corporations, which we’ve grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts, are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them, but its duty bound to control them wherever the need of such control is shown.

I seem to notice a DIFFERENCE between Wafflin’ Willy and Steady Teddy… one of these things is NOT like the other, and the difference isn’t flattering to Willy, is it? You KNOW what to do in November…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY

Macedonian Government Continues Persecution of SPC

Oh, yes, Macedonia is one of the unthrifty Balkan statelets propped up by the USA and its Western running dogs… that’s where your tax money’s being wasted. Social Security and Medicare aren’t the problems… a hubristical and pointless attempt at world hegemony is the culprit. Your taxes are subsidising the lickspittles who’re carrying out this rubbish… fancy that..


On 21 May 2012, at 07.00 CET (09.00 MSK 06.00 UTC 01.00 EDT 20 May 22.00 PDT), a large number of police staged an organised and violent action against SPC monasteries and the homes of believers belonging to the SPC Autonomous Archbishopric of Ohrid. In Štip, the police conducted a search for Bishop Marko Kimev of Bregalnica and Administrator of Bitola {St John Maximovich taught in the seminary at Bitola when he was a hieromonk: editor}; they arrested Mother Pelagia when they couldn’t find him. In Skopje, many policemen entered the Convent of the Assumption of the Mother of God, looking for Bishop David Ninov of Stobi and Administrator of Strumica; since they didn’t find him, they arrested the abbess, Mother Kirana. The police brutalised the nuns and harassed them by carrying out a cold-blooded search of the premises, filming everything with a video camera. In addition, the police entered the Convent of St John Chrysostom in Bitola, looking for the superior, Mother Olimpiada; because they couldn’t find her, they rudely harassed the rest of sisterhood. The police also entered the Monastery of the Assumption of the Mother of God in Prilep and arrested Hieromonk Mojsej.

In all the mentioned monasteries, the police seized all computers, as well as other material goods, on the pretext that a warrant exists against the SPC for “tax evasion”. Besides this, the police detained close family members of the bishops, as well as other believers. The Republic of Macedonia refuses to register the SPC Autonomous Archbishopric of Ohrid; ergo, it lacks an independent source of income. It’s dependent on believers’ donations to survive; so, it’s obvious that this state persecution under the guise of tax evasion, together with the verdict against Archbishop Jovan Vraniškovski, is nothing more than egregious persecution. It’s legal harassment on the basis of confessional allegiance; it’s abuse of a kind not seen in democratic countries.

After sentencing Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid to 2½ years of imprisonment in Idrizovo Prison, the Macedonian authorities, in an attempt to prop up the schismatic so-called Macedonian Orthodox Church, began a campaign to wipe out the canonical SPC in our country. We appeal to:

  • The First Hierarchs of all Canonical Orthodox Churches
  • All foreign embassies of democratic states
  • The embassy of the OSCE
  • NGOs protecting human rights and religious freedom

We ask them to provide any means of protection and support, in order to halt the state-sponsored persecution of the Macedonian state authorities against the SPC Autonomous Archbishopric of Ohrid, not only that aimed personally against Archbishop Jovan, but also that aimed against all detained abbesses, monks, nuns, and believers, and to definitively end this pogrom attacking religious freedom.

21 May 2012

Official Website of the Autonomous Archbishopric of Ohrid


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