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Thursday, 31 May 2012

31 May 2012. Fathausen to Speak at OCL Conventicle… He Used Good People Over the Memorial Day Weekend and Then He Does THIS… BASTARD!


Fathausen’s up to old tricks, again. Read this.

Kids, that means that NOTHING that Fathausen said in NE PA over Memorial Day Weekend was sincere and on the up-and-square. He used people, yet again. He lied, yet again. He pissed all over the good intentions of goodhearted people, yet again. This proves that Fathausen’s a Renovationist of the worst sort; he hangs out with unrepentant Schmemannites such as Maksim Vasiljević. He’s schmoozing with OCL, because they’re all from the affluent effluent; he’s back to his old trick of kissing the bums of the well-off, 24/7. In short, everything he said Sunday in a particular well-known PA borough was pure BS, with the intention of using (and abusing) “little people” for his low purposes.

I always knew that JP was a cynical salesman, with no regard for humanity or religion, but this seals it. OCL is an anti-Church organisation, and always has been. It stands for the takeover of the Church by the McMansion dwellers… and Fathausen drools his approval. OCL stands for Godless American Neoliberalism… because they’ve profited from it.

I apologise to the good po-nashemu people that Fathausen lied to last weekend… I don’t like saying, “I told you so”, but that’s what happened. You were nothing but a pawn in this jabronie’s calculations. This is unforgivable… and utterly without excuse. To say that my Kozak dander’s up is an understatement. As a friend of mine said, “He tells people what they want to hear”… but that isn’t honourable… it isn’t upright… and it’s totally lacking in character.

How much longer must this go on?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 31 May 2012

Albany NY

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