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Thursday, 31 May 2012

31 May 2012. Neither the ROCOR or the OCA Have Placed Any Major and Substantive Coverage of JP in Mayfield on Their Official Websites… FOR SHAME! JP Promised “Transparency”… If THIS is What He Means by “Transparency”, “NO THANKS”


Where is the Mayfield story on the main sites? One of the BIGGEST stories of the decade… and they’re silent… draw your own conclusions, kids.


Four days have passed since JP’s visit to Mayfield. FOUR DAYS. Let that sink in. An OCA First Hierarch visits St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Mayfield PA, the site of one of the bitterest battles of the Church War, and we get… links to a local parish website on oca.org and nothing on the official ROCOR website. This is professional dereliction of the highest order. Peter Perekrestov’s a priest, so, he’s got an “excuse”. In any case, priests shouldn’t be doing things that are the laity’s portion… the Mother Church has a communications director who’s a layman… ‘nuff said. Ginny Nieuwsma of the OCA is a paid apparatchik… this proves that she’s nothing but a mouthpiece and flack for Fathausen, a lickspittle of the worst sort, she’s not only a running dog, she’s incompetent to boot.

As for me, I’ll not give a detailed rundown of what I would’ve done… I don’t give free lessons to worthless layabouts like Lil’ Mizz Ginny. However, I’ll give an outline of what you would’ve seen. Firstly, this didn’t happen overnight, there was planning involved in such an undertaking. I’d have been present in Mayfield, I would’ve had a camera in hand, I would’ve have seen to it that audio and video recordings were not only up to snuff, but that there’d be redundancies in the case of failure of this-or-that piece of equipment, and I’d be certain that there’d be several laptops available loaded with photo-edit software so that postings could go out IMMEDIATELY. On Sunday, there would’ve been an initial post giving the details (not just names of clergy), plus four to six of the best images (anything over that is overburden, and pros avoid it). On Monday, there’d be follow-up coverage, with more images. On Tuesday, I’d post commentary on the event plus an interview with tough questions with Fr John, the rector in Mayfield. We’d wrap things up on Wednesday, with an interview (again, not skirting the “hard” topics) via phone with Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral giving his POV on the whole matter.

There. That’s what I would’ve done, and I’d would’ve done it in such a way that people got the news quickly, accurately, and as completely as I could do it. That’s what journalists do. Peter Perekrestov’s no journalist… he’s a priest. He should stick to “priesting”… that’s the gift that God gave him. A priest isn’t a journalist, and a journalist isn’t a priest… the skill-sets and outlooks are that radically different. Hey, don’t come to me with this-or-that spiritual problem… I’m not clergy (wrong gender, not ordained, no training in it, etc, etc, etc)… go to someone like Fr Peter. However, if you want someone to chase down a story, someone who’s not afraid of crook clergy and bishops… I’m the person that you’re looking for.

Fathausen continually opens his Southern-fried yap about “transparency”. I observe that he doesn’t practise it. If he was what he claims he is, trust me, I’d defend him. However, over four years, I’ve found him to be nothing but a liar, a secretive SOB, a man who gives favour to konvertsy scummers over all others, and someone who says one thing to that party and another to this party. Therefore, no sale. Fathausen claims that he’s surrounded by disloyal and crank retainers… we all know what kind of people make such paranoid accusations. In any case, no one twisted Fathausen’s arm to give a paper at a Uniate conference or to hobnob with oddbod Anglicans and Proddies. I’ve observed and reported his actions… and they don’t match his recent words… ergo, I don’t believe them to be sincere and truthful. He’d have to repudiate the Uniates, HOOMies, Nashotah House, and his ill-considered political dabblings PUBLICLY and disassociate himself from Bobby K, Brum, Jillions, Lyonyo, Benjamin Peterson, and Eliel before any decent person should give him a hearing. Bluntly speaking, nothing’s changed… it’s mere wind up to this point.

This was THE momentous occasion of the decade… and look how it was handled. Hand me the jug… I know that the world’s not a nice place… but this? I compare this hutsky-klutsky disaster to the on-the-spot coverage offered by the ACROD people… and they don’t have a pot to piss in. If you want respect, guys, you can start by “doing the right thing”. You haven’t… and people won’t trust you until you do… and I don’t have anything to do with that. The ball’s in your court, and you’ve failed, up to this point. Shall you do what’s right? Don’t ask me, c’mon tell us… “transparency”, dontcha know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 31 May 2012

Albany NY


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