Voices from Russia

Thursday, 7 June 2012

7 June 2012. Video. This is the REAL Iran that Wafflin’ Willy Doesn’t Want You to See…

Graffiti in Iran… who woulda thunk it… Iran isn’t a drab grey place inhabited by browbeaten religious fanatics… that’s more typical of Greenville SC (Bobbie Jay‘s, anybody?).



Wafflin’ Willy makes a lotta noise about Iran. I’d say that he’s chock fulla shit. Iran isn’t the firebreathing set of mad mullahs portrayed by the drooling rightwingers. It’s far from it. However, there IS a religious group that fits the rhetoric more closely… and it’s much closer to home. The history of the Mormons is drenched in blood and suffused with the degenerate sexuality of its founder, Joseph Smith. Furthermore, they believe in an oddbod political ideology called theodemocracy (Mormons are on top, all others are helots). In any case, Islam doesn’t make the ridiculous historical and archaeological claims that the Mormons do. Either Wafflin’ Willy believes such claims, in which case he’s a severely-retarded idiot, or, he doesn’t believe them, in which case he’s a two-faced smarmy hypocrite. Neither characterisation is flattering, is it?


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