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Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 June 2012. Pasonick Deposed by OCA Synod… NO News on oca.org (Did You Expect Any?)


I got the following intel:

OCA Synod finally deposed Pasonick for his felony bribery conviction.  Boyer (St T‘s abbot) drove him to the big house himself!

No news of this on oca.org. If patriarchia.ru has personnel matters up on the same day that they happen, and oca.org takes months (if ever) to post any disciplinary affairs, that does tell you much about the honesty of those running oca.org. It doesn’t speak well to the probity and reliability of Lyonyo and Lil’ Mizz Ginny, does it? Remember, JP had Pasonick as part of his “official” March for Life retinue. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? A convicted felon representing the Church. Yet, JP snickers at it, and expects you to smile at it, too.

God willing, Pasonick’s deposition is permanent. He deserves pastoral care, and he didn’t stop being a Christian, but being a convicted felon does bar one from the clergy. I wonder if the Centre knows of this…



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