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Thursday, 26 July 2012

KNACKERED!! Both I and the Faithful Pooter are Under the Weather…


Firstly, the idiotic computer at the library isn’t letting me search for images properly… well, I’ve been fighting the flu for the last several days and the faithful machine went on the blink on Monday. I’m on the mend, but Ol’ Faithful’s still in the lair of the local geeks and may be there until Tuesday (OUCH!). I’ve checked the major news, and there appears to be a major story ready to hit in the next day or two. The Centre is ready to issue a new statement on the Romanov remains. Now, that bids fair to be interesting. Any major statement would be on RIA-Novosti, Voice of Russia, Interfax-Religion (the Russian side), and (of course) patriarchia.ru. Unlike the OCA, the Centre has a crack media operation that gets the news out as soon as its made.

For all my friends… I might be hit-or-miss on e-mail for the next five days… be warned. Also, on 29 July, many parishes will hold prayers for the Martyrs of Talerhof. Ask your priest to do so… the Uniate lovers at the OCA (Syosset/SVS) are minimising this. This is an important part of po-nashemu history. Don’t forget it. Be good, all…



Monday, 23 July 2012

23 July 2012. Apparent Brouhaha Over Date of Sobor to Elect New OCA First Hierarch


One of the Cabinet sent this on… I vetted it, and found that it IS what’s “out there”:

There’s a big argument in the Holy Synod and MC over whether to elect a new metropolitan in February 2013 or wait until the next-scheduled Sobor in 2014.

It’s a real tits-up… one can’t confirm the veracity of it, but it IS what’s under discussion, and Lyonyo’s obsessive secrecy only makes it worse. However, the picture’s becoming clearer with each revelation (although the picture’s far from conclusive, yet). It’s obvious that the First Families and Holy Synod moved hastily. That militates for the truth of the allegation that new details surfaced in the rape case. The evident slipshod execution of the removal proves that it was a panicked reaction of apparatchiki afraid of getting caught in the back-blast of a legal débâcle. Therefore, the rumblings from konvertsy that the accusations are bogus are themselves false. I’ll say this, any jerk who thinks that the Holy Synod’s lying should take them to court. False accusation and libel are actionable… if one has the goods. I believe that they don’t have any evidence of such, and that you won’t see them in court, as they’re nothing but loudmouthed cry-babies.

The Synod may have lied and covered up in the past, but I believe that they’re telling the God’s honest truth this time… their very slipshod actions prove it, oddly enough. A lie would be better-prepared and executed more smoothly. That’s the way of it in the real world…


23 July 2012. Two Videos That Illustrate the Konvertsy State of Mind… The First One Shows Their Overweening Un-Orthodox Hubris


This crudely-made and badly-scripted konvertsy video show the hubris and diabolic pride of this faction. You see, they’re “concerned about their souls”, whilst the rest of us are prideful and anti-religious. In point of fact, the reality’s quite the opposite. If we don’t remove gibbering heretics such as Paffhausen, our faith will go down the chute, and we’d have no one but ourselves to blame for it. JP attempted to ally the Holy Church with godless money-worshipping elements on the Far Right… it was one of the reasons that the Holy Synod removed him (it was a side-issue, but it was there). Also, he was reckless… don’t forget how he had a convicted felon (Michael Pasonick) as part of his delegation at the so-called March for Life (that’s not what it appears… it’s a stalking horse of the political Far Right).

You need an antidote to that, so, here’s:



Frank Schaeffer points up the nauseating rubbish that the konvertsy are trying to contaminate the Church with. They’re trying to ally us with the worst factions in Sectarianism, and Real Orthodox have to fight that with all their might. Look at the late Job Osacky, “the last honest bishop in the OCA“, and compare him with the disgusting Matthias Moriak, a nepotist who smoothed the way for his son to take over a plum parish in Columbus OH and who attacked Vladyki Job’s oikonomia towards Mark Stokoe. Mark’s crazier than a loon in some things, but Fr Ted Bobosh’s pastoral leeway was legit, it was in sync with the Church’s teaching, and Vladyki Job knew and approved of it. These semi-Evangelical phonies aren’t going to be with us much longer, so, don’t argue with them, it’s pointless.

God is calling us to UNITY. It’s time to bring together the healthy elements of the Russian Orthodox diaspora under the Mother Church. A “Rump OCA” will exist, and it’ll be loud, and it’ll be a “pain in the arse” (people like Rod Dreher will belong to it). Let it be… God is calling us to better things. We have Russian Orthodoxy in America to rebuild… now, that’s something well-worth fighting for. The OCA’s going DOWN. It’s nothing to gloat over. Too many are going to be hurt (and have been hurt). It’s a rum go, all the way ’round.


Sunday, 22 July 2012

Actor Bogdan Stupka Died in Kiev


Trailer for Taras Bulba

click here for a link to the complete two-hour film with English subtitles


In Memory of Bogdan Stupka


Trailer for Отторжeие (The Rejection) with English subtitles


Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and we’re all actors in it”. Skovoroda added to this by saying, “and everyone plays their intended role”. I think that’s right.

If we perform the classics, sometimes, we find that their essence escapes us. We’re trapped in time, but a classic will be forever.

If you believe that your every move on stage is great art, it’s a disaster! Only doubt leads to improvement.

You have to know how to take joy in other people’s successes; envy and pride only crush you down, they don’t lead to a good end.

Bogdan Stupka


The famous Ukrainian actor Bogdan Stupka, Artist of the Ukraine and People’s Artist of the USSR, died in the 71st year of his life after a long illness. On Sunday, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN broke the news, quoting Anna German, a Ukrainian Presidential Adviser. The secular leave-taking for Stupka will be on Tuesday, on the stage of the Ivan Franko National Academic Theatre in Kiev. According to the Ukrainian Presidential Press Service, Stupka’s burial is on Tuesday, 24 July, at Baikove Cemetery in Kiev. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich instructed Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov to create a committee to organise the funeral of the prominent film and theatre actor.

Stupka’s health deteriorated in the summer of 2010, when he fainted on the set of the film Однажды в Ростове (Odnazhdy v Rostove: Once in Rostov). In early 2011, he underwent heart surgery in Germany, and he had further treatment there in October. Stupka died at the Feofania Clinic in Kiev, where he was in hospital for the last four months. The Presidential Press service reported Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s condolences over Stupka’s death, saying, “Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich expressed his condolences over the death of Bogdan Stupka. He was an outstanding actor, Director of the Ivan Franko National Academic Theatre, Shevchenko Prize winner, and Hero of the Ukraine”.

Expressing his condolences, Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov said, “The Ukraine lost a talented actor, who left a significant imprint on Ukrainian art. Bogdan Silvestrovich was truly a people’s artist, whose creativity was admired by millions of people in many parts of the world”. The Prime Minister sent an official condolence telegram from the government to the actor’s family, which said, “I express my sincere condolences on your bereavement. Together with you, millions of Ukrainians mourn, along with many admirers of Bogdan Stupka’s unsurpassed talent worldwide”. Presidential Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences on Stupka’s death, saying, “President Putin expressed condolences to the family and friends of this wonderful actor, as well as to all his fans, both in Russia and in the Ukraine”.

UNIAN noted that Stupka was a great actor, winner of the Shevchenko Prize and a Hero of the Ukraine. Stupka was born in 1941, last year he was 70 years old. He won the USSR State Prize in 1980 for his performance in productions of Дикий ангел (Diky angel: Wild Angel) by Kolomiets and Дядя Ваня (Dyadya Vanya: Uncle Vanya) by Chekhov at the Ivan Franko Kiev State Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre. In 1999-2001, Stupka was Minister of Culture and Arts in the government of then-Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko. Stupka worked in both the live theatre and cinema; he appeared at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre and starred in more than 90 films.

In particular, Stupka’s known for his roles in the films Белая птица с чёрной отметиной (Belaya ptitsa s chornoi otmetinoi: The White Bird Marked with Black), От Буга до Вислы (Ot Buga do Visly: From the Bug to the Vistula). Тарас Шевченко. Завещание (Taras Shevchenko. Zaveshchanie: Taras Shevchenko. A Testament), Молитва о гетмане Мазепе (Molitva o Ataman Mazepa: A Prayer for Ataman Mazepa), where he played Mazepa, and starred in several TV series. Amongst his latest performances was his starring role in the film Тарас Бульба (Taras Bulba). Stupka won many prizes, including Russian awards, such as the Хрустальная Турандот (Khrstalnaya Turandot: Crystal Turandot), Ника (Nika), Золотой орёл (Zolotoi oryol: Golden Eagle), and Триумф (Triumph). In August 2011, shortly before his 70th birthday, he received the title of Hero of the Ukraine.

22 July 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


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