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Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012. A Blast from the Metropolia Past… Fr Dmitri Ressetar Gives Bishop Kip a Cheque


In the above image, Fr Dmitri Ressetar is handing Archbishop Kyprian Borisevich a cheque for the Building Fund of St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Mayfield PA. In those days, there was no question about where the money was going, and what it was going to be used for. It was used for the very purpose that it was raised for… what a concept! If you’re in an OCA parish, do be careful of anyone slinking around looking for money, especially if its Perich or anybody from Bobby’s fishpond. Syosset wasn’t straight with you in its reportage of the JP brouhaha, so… keep your money in your wallet, and do watch the parish funds and deeds. The next couple of months are going to be too “interesting”, by half.

Remember, we used to know how to act honourably… what will it take for us to return to that?


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