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Monday, 9 July 2012

9 July 2012. The Situation is Very Much in Flux… No One Knows Which End is Up… The Brats at Monomakhos Should Just All Shut Up


I’ve received many reports today, most of them contradictory. That being the case, it’d be irresponsible for me to post any news on JP. Trust me, according to some sources, a Renovationist clique executed a coup. Others say that JP resigned in a pique to mess everything up. Still others insist that Kishkovsky and Potapov ganged up on JP to get at Bobby. In short, it looks more a gigantic tits-up at this point than it did this afternoon. NO ONE SHOULD BE SPECULATING… there’s no solid evidence to go on. This especially applies to the nappy-wearing brats at Monomakhos. They should all shut up. None of them has the depth of sources that I do, and I tell all of you:

The situation’s so confused, there are so many stories “out there” at present, that anyone who posts opinion at this juncture is a braying jackass.

Let the situation develop… the news will come out. However, remember this… JP has NEVER told the truth. Ergo, take anything from him or his claque with a large dose of scepticism. Bite the coin… there be counterfeits out there… especially amongst the toddlers at Monomakhos who hide behind usernames.



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