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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

11 July 2012. Pro-Fathausen Spin Appears on Website of the Men Faction in Russia

Pay no attention to the First Family members behind the curtain! They’re doing it all to you! OOPS! They’re doing it all FOR you, you ingrate bastards…


JP is lying again, as is Lyonyo. They’re using Pravmir, one of the more… ahem… “interesting” Russian Orthodox websites. Pravmir is the official mouthpiece of the Aleksandr Men faction… that is, squiffy Renovationists in the mould of the SVS slimers. Many things there are not in the mainstream of Church tradition, to say the least. I don’t recommend it to novices at all, and it isn’t the best source for grounded people. I’d suggest Pravoslavie.ru or Interfax, along with VOR’s church reporting, along with patriarchia.ru, the official MP website.

However, let’s return to the topic at hand. Pravmir posted a gushing article, Митрополит Ион (Паффхаузен): Хороший человек в Сайоссете (Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen: A Good Man in Syosset) (click here to access the article in Russian), the title of which tells you that it’s pure fluff and BS. In it, JP changes his story about his “elder” in Russia yet again… he’s gone back to claiming that Vladyki Pankraty Zherdev at Valaam was his starets.

There are factual inaccuracies in this post. Firstly, it claims in its initial paragraph that the Holy Synod issued a statement on JP’s resignation on Saturday. That’s a bald-faced lie, as no statement was issued until after midnight EDT 8 July. The parish that received JP isn’t a very large one; an MP friend of mine assures me that it has an “interesting” reputation. He repeats the lie that he was working on his (non-existent) doctoral dissertation when he went to Russia, but it doesn’t claim that Russky Palomnik was a production of the MP or that Fathausen worked for the MP Publication Department, as that would be noticed at the Centre. Also note that this particular article does NOT claim that JP was a novice at Valaam (again, that would be noticed in Russia).

JP repeated the lie that there are 400,000 members in the OCA, but it correctly notes that JP was only made an archimandrite in Spring 2008… only months before his “elevation” to the white hat. It includes a gushing reference to his support of so-called Family Values, but doesn’t mention his deep involvement in Far Right American politics (American Enterprise Institute, Washington Times, et al… all enemies of the rodina). It mentioned the canard that JP was attacked for being “too loyal” to Moscow. JP is as far from Orthodoxy as it’s practised at the Centre as it’s possible to be. Don’t forget JP’s pal Brum and the Brum Doctrine… that is, all power rests in the hands of the Metropolitan. Compare that to HH’s sensible collegiality and decentralisation, and it’s clear that JP has no inkling of the meaning of the word sobornost… indeed, his haughty attempts at dictatorial rule were more papist than anything else (without the checks and balances that the actual papacy has).

Then, it plays the violin prettily over JP’s visit to Freddie M-G’s parish in Maryland. Of course, such ungrounded rightwing konvertsy are his last base of support. The ignorance of the writer of the article is shown in the fact that Rod Dreher is called a “famous American journalist”… Rod Dreher is an ignorant toddler still shitting in his nappies, as far as Orthodoxy’s concerned. Literally, he doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground, and his attempt to reconcile Orthodoxy and Hard Right American politics is impious at best, blasphemous at worst. However, this smarkach was right on one point; he wrote that the Holy Synod signed the death warrant of the OCA by kicking out Fathausen. Yes, the OCA’s a dead duck, Rod… are you going to come home to the Centre with us, or are you going to run to such offbase konvertsy gurus as Freddie M-G and Patrick Reardon?

Most of the rest is offensive treacle in the same vein… the Schmemanndorf duo were “charismatic”, don’t ya know! It claims that Feodosy Lazor resigned due to charges of financial impropriety… not true… the word out there has it that Feodosy’s homosexuality had gotten to be too much of a liability to the First Families. Likewise, Herman didn’t get the boot for financial impropriety, per se; he got the axe for secrecy and overstepping the proper bounds of a hierarch (Herman was the first to subscribe to the heretical Brum Doctrine), quite another thing completely.

A total unknown, Tatiana Veselinka, wrote this article; supposedly, she’s from New York… it smells like something ginned up by Lyonyo and Gan… their parishes are in the same town, dontcha know.

There was also a so-called “interview” with Lyonyo on Pravmir (click here for the Russian text), it’s not clear whether it was face-to-face or over the phone, it’s not given, but I believe it was the latter. In it, Kish hints that there might be MORE than a three-month wait for a Sobor, if the First Families have their way. Lyonyo drags in the so-called 1917-18 Sobor, which has no validity for anyone, as it left no canonical acts. Lyonyo claims that JP resigned of “own free will”, but everyone knows that JP resigned under duress… the Holy Synod asked for the resignation unanimously (an MP priest-friend noted correctly that such means that Holy Synod shitcanned him). He ends with a stale repletion of the same old SVS line. The interviewer is a 28-year-old unknown, probably with no real knowledge of the American situation… give her a break… immaturity and lacking knowledge aren’t sins.

Kish’s interview is also on Portal Credo (click here for confirmation)… he couldn’t get anything on patriarchia.ru, he couldn’t get Interfax, he couldn’t get Pravoslavie.ru, and he couldn’t get Milena Faustova at VOR. All that he got were two of the more questionable websites out there. In short, the main Russian sources don’t trust Lyonyo. To be frank, Kish is hated at the Centre; he’s mistrusted as a Langley stooge, he’s even more disliked than Victor Potapov is. Fun n’ games from the First Families, but I don’t think that anyone’s buying.

Pass the jug… the situation’s crank, and getting more crook with each report. Bozhe moi!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Albany NY

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