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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

17 July 2012. Dreher Denies Knowing Podmoshensky… The Konvertsy Clique is Abandoning Its Squiffy Guru

Let’s see… Roddie… Freddie M-G… the HOOMies… the Monomakhos scummers… they’re all “more equal” than we benighted “ethnic Orthodox”… and they never tire of telling us that, do they?


At present, Rod Dreher denies that he even knew Podmoshensky or was in Platina… that’s OK. I wonder what he’s going to claim next. As JP is now a liability, is he going to deny that he knows Fathausen, Eliel, Brum, and Christiansen, too? Probably… Roddie has a habit of attacking his old confrères viciously. Look at how he attacked the RC bishops… that wasn’t necessary, nor was it seemly (I apologise to all of my Catholic readers for his uncalled-for outbursts). Well, he attacked the RC bishops, now, he’s attacking Podmoshensky, next, he’ll attack JP, as JP’s no longer an asset to Sir Roddie. Rather nasty sort, isn’t he? It does take all kinds in our sinful-ginful world, and some are utterly crank opportunists like Roddie. Live and learn, I say… and don’t turn your back on Dreher… now, that’s something that you’d live to regret…



Philadelphia Inquirer: OCA Exec Fired For Not Removing Rapist Priest


Citing the sex-abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia and at Pennsylvania State University, the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) has dismissed its presiding archbishop for failing to remove a priest who had raped a woman and been jailed for other violent acts. This week, the OCA Holy Synod, with about 85,000 members in the USA and Canada, announced that Metropolitan Jonah, 52 {slight error, JP’s 54: editor}, stepped down Saturday after ignoring Church procedures for responding to sexual misconduct. In a statement, the Synod said, “Metropolitan Jonah repeatedly refused to act with prudence, in concert with his fellow bishops, in accordance with the Holy Synod’s policies. In light of the recent widely-publicised criminal cases involving sexual abuse at Penn State and in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and the Kansas City Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, the extent of the risk of liability to which Metropolitan Jonah exposed the church can’t be overstated”. Church leaders say they’re cooperating with law enforcement and investigating the rape allegation. On Tuesday, Rev Erik Possi {Eric Tosi? This has to be a garble caused by mishearing: editor}, a synod spokesman, said the church wasn’t releasing the accused priest’s name.

Born James Paffhausen in Chicago, Jonah converted to Orthodoxy from Episcopalianism at 18 and was ordained a priest in 1994. He was made a bishop in early 2008, when he took the name Jonah, and was elected primate, or presiding archbishop, later that year. He was the first convert to head the OCA, which is based on Long Island.

The Synod’s statement said, “At some time after his enthronement as our primate, Metropolitan Jonah unilaterally accepted into the OCA a priest known to him and others to be… severely abusing alcohol, which more than once was coupled with episodes of violence and threats toward women”. These episodes included the “discharge of a firearm” and the “brandishing of a knife”, which led to the man’s arrest. In 2010, he was alleged “to have committed a rape against a woman”. Although informed of the rape allegation in February, the Synod alleged that Jonah “neither investigated, nor told his brother bishops”, and didn’t report the incident to police or church lawyers. When the woman reported her alleged rape to police, however, unnamed church officials admonished her and a family member “that their salvation depended on their silence”. The Synod reported on Monday that as recently as last week Jonah was “regularly communicating” with the person who was instructing the woman to keep quiet. Furthermore, it said, Jonah first encouraged the priest to pursue a military chaplaincy “without informing the military recruiter of any of the priest’s problems”, and then allowed the man to enter another Orthodox jurisdiction whilst assuring it there were “no canonical impediments” to a transfer.

Church law calls for a new metropolitan to be elected within 90 days, but Possi said there were “many steps that must be taken” and indicated that it could be longer. The Orthodox Church in America traces its roots to the Russian Orthodox Church, whose missionaries created their first North American missions in Alaska in the late 18th century. After the Russian Revolution, in the 1920s, the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in America became self-governing, and in 1970 severed itself from Russian Orthodoxy to become the OCA. There are 36 parishes in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania, which comprises half the state, and about 2,000 members in the Philadelphia area.

While the bishops and archbishops of many Roman Catholic dioceses have been accused of covering up clergy sex abuse, only Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston MA and the late Bishop Manuel Duran Moreno of Tucson AZ have resigned for that reason. On Tuesday, a Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge is scheduled to sentence Msgr William J Lynn, former head of the archdiocesan clergy office. Last month, Lynn, 61, was found guilty of felonious child endangerment for his 12-year role in recommending the assignments of priests whom prosecutors said he knew to be child abusers.

Jonah’s resignation isn’t the first scandal to mar his church in recent years. In 2005, the OCA’s former treasurer, Protodeacon Eric Wheeler, accused the administration of spending millions of dollars in church assets for personal use, or to mask deficits in church accounts. According to some reports, Jonah was elected primate three years later because, as the newest bishop, he was untainted by financial scandal.

17 July 2012

David O’Reilly

Philadelphia Inquirer


Editor’s Note:

This reporter is perceptive… maybe he misheard Tosi’s name, but he could recognise arrant bullshit when he heard it spouted. He uses the blunt term “dismissal”… which is what, indeed, happened. The Holy Synod shitcanned Fathausen for lying, sneaking around, messing up relations with the Greeks and the Serbs, and mucking about with Church records to an extent that would make even a Po City pimp blush. However, let’s not kid ourselves. Beyond the removal of JP, nothing’s happened. NOTHING. The First Families are as secretive as ever, SVS is as arrogant as ever, and the archpriestly cabal that’s been running the OCA since the days of Ireney Bekish is still in the driver’s seat and the Metropolitan Council does nothing (“The records simply don’t exist”, as Tosi put it so smarmily and superciliously… of course, we can’t go after Iggy… we might find something out, and, then, we’d have to do something).

As my MP contact pointed up, the OCA Holy Synod has elected three crank First Hierarchs in a row. There is NO candidate with any cred for the white hat. Of course, the million-dollar question is, “Did Lyonyo & Co move against JP because of the upcoming London Conference? Are they scared of what’s coming out of it?” Let’s be blunt here… there are going to be changes in diaspora Russian Orthodoxy that the OCA is going to have NO input into. At the least, it’s common knowledge that the merging of the ROCOR and the MP’s dioceses outside the CIS countries is a done deal. It’ll be the first major change since the creation of the OCA in 1970. It’ll change the face of the map and the promises made by the Centre to the Schmemanndorff duo will become history.

At the same time, the OCA is dealing with a secession crisis. Some of JP’s claque (primarily in the Diocese of the South) is talking schism. Remember, these folks jumped once, they’ll jump again. For instance, take Reardon… he started out as an RC, became a Trappist hieromonk, left the monastery, converted to the Anglicans, got married, ordained again, converted to the OCA, left for the AOCANA when Feodosy wouldn’t ordain him, and he teaches at an oddbod rightwing “continuing” Anglican seminary. God alone knows where he’s going to end up. Reardon is TYPICAL of these sorts, sadly enough (and he’s not the most chequered… that dubious distinction goes to the HOOMie cultists… who were brought into the Church by JP).

We haven’t even BEGUN to muck out the byre, and the shit is encrusted thickly on our boots and it stinks to high heaven. I’d be funny if it were a Poruchik Rzhevsky joke, but it’s for real, and it’s not funny in the least. We have a period of stasis that may last until the London Conference. After all, the Centre is patient… they’ve waited this long, what’s another three months? It’s only 90 days…


18 July 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Caring For Pets in Hot Weather


Hot summer days can be a source of suffering for your pet. Our unpretentious simple hints can help make life easier for your furry pals. It’s especially hard on long-haired animals; they can get heat stroke during a period of high temperatures.

17 July 2012



17 July 2012. Something to Smile About…

A light-hearted look at a serious topic…


Russians are FAR earthier than Americans are…


Watch out for that newfangled pickle…


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