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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

17 July 2012. Dreher Denies Knowing Podmoshensky… The Konvertsy Clique is Abandoning Its Squiffy Guru

Let’s see… Roddie… Freddie M-G… the HOOMies… the Monomakhos scummers… they’re all “more equal” than we benighted “ethnic Orthodox”… and they never tire of telling us that, do they?


At present, Rod Dreher denies that he even knew Podmoshensky or was in Platina… that’s OK. I wonder what he’s going to claim next. As JP is now a liability, is he going to deny that he knows Fathausen, Eliel, Brum, and Christiansen, too? Probably… Roddie has a habit of attacking his old confrères viciously. Look at how he attacked the RC bishops… that wasn’t necessary, nor was it seemly (I apologise to all of my Catholic readers for his uncalled-for outbursts). Well, he attacked the RC bishops, now, he’s attacking Podmoshensky, next, he’ll attack JP, as JP’s no longer an asset to Sir Roddie. Rather nasty sort, isn’t he? It does take all kinds in our sinful-ginful world, and some are utterly crank opportunists like Roddie. Live and learn, I say… and don’t turn your back on Dreher… now, that’s something that you’d live to regret…



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