Voices from Russia

Thursday, 26 July 2012

KNACKERED!! Both I and the Faithful Pooter are Under the Weather…


Firstly, the idiotic computer at the library isn’t letting me search for images properly… well, I’ve been fighting the flu for the last several days and the faithful machine went on the blink on Monday. I’m on the mend, but Ol’ Faithful’s still in the lair of the local geeks and may be there until Tuesday (OUCH!). I’ve checked the major news, and there appears to be a major story ready to hit in the next day or two. The Centre is ready to issue a new statement on the Romanov remains. Now, that bids fair to be interesting. Any major statement would be on RIA-Novosti, Voice of Russia, Interfax-Religion (the Russian side), and (of course) patriarchia.ru. Unlike the OCA, the Centre has a crack media operation that gets the news out as soon as its made.

For all my friends… I might be hit-or-miss on e-mail for the next five days… be warned. Also, on 29 July, many parishes will hold prayers for the Martyrs of Talerhof. Ask your priest to do so… the Uniate lovers at the OCA (Syosset/SVS) are minimising this. This is an important part of po-nashemu history. Don’t forget it. Be good, all…



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