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Sunday, 12 August 2012

12 August 2012. Freddie M-G to Go to Oz! She has the Brass to Demand 25 Bucks a Throw for Tickets…


Hey, kids! Freddie M-G‘s on her way to Oz, that’s Down Under… Australia. A couple of my Cabinet live there and they tell me that she’s going to give a speaking tour, and she’ll impart all of her wisdom for 25 bucks (the same price that she charges in the USA, by the way). Freddie’s going to be in Melbourne (1/2 September), Canberra (5 September), Brisbane (6 September), and Sydney (7/8 September). Now, ain’t that special… her intel is so precious that you have to PAY for it! Vladyki Averky never asked for money… St John Maksimovich didn’t ask for money… Vladyki Philaret never dunned his listeners… then, why is she asking for money? If it costs money to put on these events, then, let a parish sponsor it. To charge people money for spiritual things… gad, sir, that skates very close to simony. It does show how low we’ve fallen… don’t forget, Freddie slobbered all over that bunch of nuns that Vladyki Hilarion just tossed out in Maryland. THAT doesn’t speak well of her discernment.

It does tell you about Freddie’s priorities doesn’t it? It DOES take all kinds…



12 August 2012. OCA Holy Synod to Hold Special Meeting in Detroit Tomorrow… Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know… Is Fathausen’s Extortionate Offer on the Agenda?


Click here for the oca.org blurb on the Holy Synod meeting. Do note this:

Other urgent clergy matters also will be discussed.

Lil’ Mizz Ginny doesn’t tell us if Fathausen’s Al Capone-style demand will be on the table. What about it, dear? That’s the kind of thing all of us WANT to know. Is the Holy Synod going to give JP the two mill that he’s demanding? Hell, they don’t have two red cents to rub together, and they’re still paying off the Honesdale loan. I don’t know who leaked the intel to my contacts (note the plural, please), but someone (or more than one someone) isn’t happy with the situation. Was the Holy Synod (along with Lyonyo and Jillions) getting ready to shaft the believers with a sweetheart deal for JP? Well, I can guarantee that isn’t going to happen… the news is out, and the spinmeisters are doing damage control as I speak (it’s good having contacts that pass on the latest buzz… it means that I can concentrate on getting out the news).

By the way, JP was his usual self in this little episode. He was contrite at first, then, when he was certain that his opponents had their guard down, he slammed ’em in the nuts with an unexpected demand. He’s done this every time… and these maroons fall for it every time. It doesn’t speak highly for the OCA First Family lot, does it?

What does Sir Roddie think of this? His hero is nothing but an extortioner and bunko artist. Just you watch, all of the HOOMies and konvertsy will make up excuses up the ying-yang… and never face the truth. Is Dreher going to admit that he knows nothing and join us real Orthodox, or, is he going to go down with JP? Now, THAT’S an interesting question…


MP Collects More Than Half A Million Euros for Poverty-Stricken Greeks


The MP transferred 517,628.34 Euros (20.303 million Roubles. 636,298 USD. 405,895 UK Pounds) to the account of the Church of Greece. The official MP website said on Friday that this collection had Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev’s blessing, with the aim of helping Greeks who’d lost their jobs, leaving them without a means of livelihood. Reports indicate that Greece still suffers from a continuing and difficult economic crisis. According to the latest data from the National Statistical Service of Greece, the unemployment rate reached 22.6 percent. Amongst young people under the age of 24, this figure is even higher, standing at 50.8 percent.

As part of EU/IMF-demanded austerity measures, the Greek government began to abandon its social obligations, including closing nursing homes and cutting pensions and social benefits, as well as to introduce new taxes. In July, it introduced a tax on the unemployed. Now, the unemployed must pay an annual tax of 300 Euros (11,750 Roubles. 370 USD. 235 UK Pounds), which rises to 620 Euros (24,325 Roubles. 765 USD. 485 UK Pounds) if a person owns a house.

Under such circumstances, the Church of Greece holds nationwide campaigns to raise funds to aid the needy. Each day, the Archdiocese of Athens distributes approximately 10,000 meals gratis, each costing 0.95 Euros (38 Roubles. 1.20 USD. 0.75 UK Pound). Before the crisis, mostly immigrants from Africa and Asia accessed these free meals, but now the proportion of indigenous recipients has risen to 60 percent. Most of them are single people of retirement age. Other dioceses of the Church of Greece have organised similar efforts.

MP fundraising to help crisis-stricken Greece began on 21 February and the MP Department for Church Charity and Social Service coordinated it. At present, further collections are in abeyance. The funds collected were converted to Euros, and transferred to the account of the Church of Greece. Then, the Church of Greece confirmed by letter that the earmarked funds are being spent on poor relief.

3 August 2012



Editor’s Note:

I knew that nothing good would come of the ND/PASOK coalition, but this is lower than anyone could imagine. A tax on the unemployed whilst the McMansion filth skip away with minimal pain. To think that they’re allowing the affluent effluent to party on the backs of old age pensioners and unemployed people without a busted sou to their name. That’s LOW. Nevertheless, that’s what the Republican Party wants in the USA… to smash its boot into the faces of the ordinary people, so that the uppermost Five Percent don’t suffer. I call that EVIL… and I’m not alone in thinking that. You know what to do in November.


12 August 2012. How the REAL Church Goes About Its Business…


In October, there’s going to be a meeting of Russian Orthodox hierarchs whose sees are in the diaspora. It’s clearly the most important Church event in our parts since the OCAautocephaly“. For those who wish to know more, click here. Fr Andrew’s already written a good post, so, I’m just going to point the way to you.

Compare this to the increasing incoherency and deepening surrealism found in the OCA. It’s time to go home…


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