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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Greek Fire Brigades Continue to Fight Fire Near Mount Athos


On Friday, the press service of the Holy Community of Mount Athos reported that, for the second day in a row, about a hundred firemen continued their efforts to extinguish a raging wildfire near Mount Athos. Three airplanes and four helicopters are part of the elements deployed to put out the blaze. According to recent reports, firemen managed to confine the flames to an area near the small tourist resort of Ouranoupoli. In a statement issued by the fire service on Thursday, it indicated that the conflagration endangered Ouranoupoli, not Mount Athos. Authorities ordered the elderly and families with children to leave the affected locale immediately. Severe fires broke out in pine forests in northern Greece on Thursday. High temperatures exceeding 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) only exacerbated the situation.

10 August 2012




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