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Friday, 17 August 2012

Patriarch Kirill Believes It Premature To Speculate on Any Meeting with the Pope of Rome

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev (1946- ) of Moscow and all the Russias at the memorial cross at Katyń.


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that it’s premature to speak of any meeting between him and the Pope of Rome. In an interview with the Polish media on the eve of his visit to Poland, he said, “At some point, it’s quite possible. It’s much too early to name a time”. His visit, which is due for 16-19 August, is at the invitation of Metropolitan Sawa Hrycuniak of Warsaw and all Poland, the First Hierarch of the Church of Poland. The previous, now deceased, Pope, John Paul II Wojtyła was born in Poland. Patriarch Kirill emphasised, “Today, we can see a radical reformatting of the spiritual life of the entire planet. In upholding Christian values ​​in European society, and in supporting Christian culture both in Europe and throughout the world, Orthodox and Catholics are associates and like-minded”.

16 August 2012



Editor’s Note:

One should note that the Orthodox konvertsy who suck up to the Catholics are entirely in the wrong. We do NOT agree with the Catholics on all points of moral theology (birth control and marriage are two salient points). That being said, we’re closer to the Catholics than we are to Reformation Proddies (although we’re closer to the Oriental Orthodox than to the Catholics)… not to mention the fact that we’re not close at all to American Radical Sectarians (Mormons, JWs, Pentecostalists, and many “Evangelicals”), who aren’t even Christian, in the fullest sense of the term. Indeed, any of the groups stemming from the so-called Second Great Awakening have scant relation to historical Christianity. One could put the hierarchy of “proximity” as follows:

  1. Oriental Orthodox
  2. Catholics
  3. Liturgical Reformation Protestants (Lutheran (the TRUE Evangelicals), Reformed, and Anglican)
  4. Radical Reformation Protestants (Mennonite, real Baptists (not Southern Baptist ))
  5. American Radical Sectarians

To refine the above list, the first four groups are far closer to one another than the last group is to the rest. That is, a Mennonite is FAR closer to us than a Southern Baptist, Pentecostalist, or Mormon is.

Be careful of anyone who’s too vocal in their support of the Church of Rome’s moral theology… we do NOT share it in all particulars (many of these sorts are quasi-Uniates, sadly enough… do see Freddie M-G). However, don’t go to the other extreme and shun them… that’s not Christian. It’s a careful balance… but do have a care for and be wary of extremists of both stripes… neither are Orthodox nor god-pleasing.


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