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Thursday, 23 August 2012

German Pussy Riot Copycats May Face Three Years in the Slam


On Thursday, The Local news website reported three copycats of the Russian female punk group Pussy Riot may face three years in prison after the Catholic Church pressed charges against them. The trio, who disrupted a service in the Kölner Dom on Sunday, may face a longer prison sentence than the band they support if a court charges them and finds them guilty.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, two young men and a young woman wearing balaclavas… similar to ones Pussy Riot wore during their blasphemous action in Moscow’s central Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in February… tried to disrupt a church service. The trio, who carried a banner reading “Free Pussy Riot”, distributed flyers and shouted. Security guards led them out of the cathedral. The Local quoted Robert Kleine, the cathedral’s dean, as saying in Frankfurter Rundschau, “They disturbed the peace of the Kölner Dom… we can’t and won’t accept this. The right to demonstrate can’t be set above the right to religious freedom and the religious feelings of the congregation”. Now, the state could prosecute the three unnamed activists for a breach of the peace and disrupting the free practise of religion, which is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of up to three years, or a fine. A Berlin man received a nine-month prison sentence in 2006 when he disrupted a service on German Unity Day.

An edited clip of Pussy Riot’s protest posted online showed the group alternately high-kicking and crossing themselves near the entrance to the altar of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, to accompany the song Holy Shit urging the Virgin Mary to “drive out” President Vladimir Putin. The song contained words insulting to Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias and to all believers. A Moscow court found three band-members guilty of hooliganism and each received a two years’ prison sentence on 17 August. This attracted both media attention and international criticism, which Moscow dismissed as “groundless” saying the band’s act was not an issue of artistic performance but was “insulting to millions of Orthodox [Christian] believers”.

23 August 2012



Editor’s Note:

Here’s the REAL DEAL. Firstly, former-NYC Mayor Ed Koch weighed in:

I don’t believe the issue is properly one of freedom of expression. The right to free expression isn’t unlimited, and it doesn’t mean one can say anything anywhere and at anytime. Furthermore, Russia and most countries don’t have embedded in their law the Constitutional protection of the First Amendment that we do. I, for one, am delighted they now punish religious hatred. Aren’t you?

Next, Vlad Legoida, HH’s Communications Director, gave his two bits:

The inspiration to cut down the cross didn’t come from nowhere. Those who declare that the limitless creative freedom of the artist is always right prepared the ground for this. Alas, amongst them are respectable journalists, experts, writers, and musicians… who fight for the freedom to insult and mock. This, I repeat, isn’t just a trivial anti-Church campaign; it’s a demand for the dismantling of Christian civilisation. … We don’t want to leave our children a society built on lies and hatred, a society that has no fear of the consequences of its actions, a society that glorifies the haters of the Christian faith.

Now, some crazies decided to provoke the Krauts. That’s a wrong move, if there ever were such. Trust me… if they violated a statute, and they did, they’re going to face a German court that’s not going to count the political cost the way the Russian leadership did. All that they’re going to ask is, “Did these jabronies break the law?” If the answer’s “yes”, they’re going to the slam tout suite, and no one’s gonna cry, either (and it’ll be done in a flash… even faster than they do it in Lubbock).

The shoe DOES pinch when its one’s own foot, doesn’t it?



23 August 2012. All the Kafuffle Over “Orthodox Druzhinniki” Overblown and Without Warrant


Editor’s Foreword:

A contact at the Centre sent me the Russian original as a “cut n’ paste”; I have no URL for verification.



Ivan Otrakovsky, the head of the Orthodox lay group Holy Rus, told the BBC Russian Service that Orthodox druzhinniki are protecting Christian sites and clergy in Moscow. He said that the squads are volunteers, having the task of dealing with “aggressive actions against the clergy” and “blasphemous acts against holy things”. Today, there are seven mobile teams in Moscow; they patrol the city, mainly in the evening. If, for instance, the Orthodox druzhinniki see someone drawing graffiti on a church mocking a priest, they’d “take steps to detain the suspect and bring in the cops”. If the perp caught in the act tried to escape, then, they’d “keep the hooligan in custody, but wouldn’t use violence”. In such situations, Otrakovsky said that the druzhinniki would avoid fights and arguments, “as Orthodox men are very composed and determined”. He said that such squads should arise all over Russia, noting, “Orthodox must defend their faith. We have no personal enemies, only enemies of the faith”.

21 August 2012


All the brouhaha in the Western media and in zapadniki circles in Moscow is unwarranted. At present, these groups contain about 100 individuals all told, who patrol cemeteries, church properties, and near priests’ homes at night. This is no “widespread Orthodox Inquisition”, as the godless nihilist Ksenia Sobchak put it.

Reflect on what the following tells you. Both US Republicans and Democrats support Ksenia Sobchak and the godless Moscow moneygrubbers (you know, the Vanil Restoran crowd, where Dickie Wood used to hang out with the oligarchs). On the other hand, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin thinks that the Orthodox druzhinniki are a good idea, and has said so publicly. Western Liberalism (both “Tea Party libertarianism” and “academic-liberal licentiousness”) is godless and without merit… after all, “goodness” means nothing to people in the USA anymore… “legality” trumps all.

In the West, both “conservatives” and “liberals” are, despite their often vehement public utterances, atheistic votaries in all but name… the “conservative” worships the Almighty Dollar, the “liberal” worships the Almighty Zeitgeist. Both worship the Almighty Self. The worst are those who mouth adherence to Christianity… those are the foulest blossoms of evil in our day. Compare Franklin Graham to Billy Graham… I rest my case.

There is much more to morality, character, and goodness than just ranting for the illegalisation of abortion or for the pampering of the rich… ponder that, if you will.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 23 August 2012

Albany NY

23 August 2012. VOR Presents… President Putin Wished Good Luck to the Russian Paralympic Team

On 20 August, President Vladimir Putin met with members of the national Paralympic team before their departure to London to compete in the XIV Paralympic Games. More than 270 people… 163 athletes, 52 coaches, and more than 40 doctors, massage therapists, and sign language interpreters attended the festivities in the St Andrew Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.


President Putin wished the Paralympians good luck, saying, “Every level you achieved, your every success, deserves our attention and respect. We’ll always back you fervently. With all our hearts, we’ll be rooting for you, not only in London, but also in all your other competitions and tournaments. You deserve such attention, and I want you to know that millions of people will be watching the TV broadcasts from the competition in London closely”.


This is first time that a Paralympian send-off was held in the Grand Kremlin Palace.


The 2012 Paralympic Games will be held in London from 29 August to 9 September.


Russian athletes will compete in 12 sports:

  • track and field
  • swimming
  • table tennis
  • judo
  • marksmanship
  • archery
  • wheelchair fencing
  • weightlifting
  • sitting volleyball (male)
  • rowing
  • cycling
  • football (cerebral palsy)


For the first time at the Paralympics, Russia will take part in competitions in cycling.


20 August 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


23 August 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s Word. Change, We’re Expecting Change


Change, We’re Expecting Change

Sergei Yolkin



According to a corporate blog, Facebook, the world’s largest social network is launching a new version of its messaging service , which allows Facebook Messages to interface with popular client programs for e-mail.

23 August 2012

Sergei Yolkin




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