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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

28 August 2012. Is the Parma Sobor Going to Count Minuscule Konvertsy Parishes the Same as Real Parishes?


I was discussing (online) with some of the Cabinet on how JP gained election by bowling over impressionable, deluded, and shallow konvertsy. We came to the conclusion that tiny konvertsy conventicles shouldn’t have the same representation as established real parishes. In fact, the Holy Synod should adopt a rule stating that no parish of less than 120 parishioners on the books shall have either lay or clerical representation at the Sobor, unless it was established prior to 1965 (of course, monasteries would be exempt from this rule). This would disqualify most of the superficial konvertsy, and, probably, encourage some of the more feral sorts to leave.

We have to protect the upcoming Sobor from being hijacked by Culture War converts, who’d take the Church into territory that would lead to the OCA being disowned by the rest of world Orthodoxy. Can you believe that some of the konvertsy actually are bloviating that they’ll “re-elect” Fathausen? There’s nothing wrong with taking steps to protect Christ‘s Church against semi-converted quasi-Proddies. Indeed… it’s our DUTY.


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