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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Republicans Choose Presidential Candidate and Demonise External “Enemies”

All those not Radical Sectarians should fear a Republican victory… they wish to use the power of the state to ram their sectarian notions down our collective throats…


A political convention is a boring affair for the average man. However, in the USA, especially, when it nominates a presidential candidate, a convention becomes similar to a reality show. The Republicans who gathered in Tampa FL proved this once again. The Republican National Convention named Mitt Romney its candidate for US President. His wife made the most emotional speech; her half-hour long speech raised a storm of applause, which ended when her husband went onto the stage and kissed her. One should mention that Romney’s nomination was only a formality. The main aim of the congress was endorsing the Republican candidate and disparaging his Democratic rival, current US President Barack Obama. Public opinion polls show that neither of the candidates holds a decisive advantage. The struggle is going to be tough, but the Republicans used a velvet glove for their first punch… the heartfelt speech of the US first-lady candidate. “This man will not let us down”, Ann Romney said, speaking against the background of old family photos. The audience gave her a standing ovation.

Mitt Romney is due to make his policy statement at the congress on Thursday. However, the main points of his election programme are already obvious. Its larger part is dedicated to a wide range of internal problems, such as the restoration of economic growth, fighting unemployment, dealing with the government deficit, the problem of abortion, and opposing homosexual marriages. Not much attention’s been paid to foreign policy; however, this part of the programme raises lively interest abroad. As for Russia, the Republicans have confirmed that they look upon Moscow as an opponent. Earlier, Romney called Russia the foremost geopolitical enemy of the USA. Now, this position is enshrined in his programme, even though without undiplomatic wording. The programme stated that the growing hegemony of China in Asia, Russia’s activist position, and the threat of cyber-espionage and terrorism are extremely dangerous. However, the Republican Party points up that the USA and Russia have common interests, such as fighting terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and developing trade.

Valery Korovin, the Director of the Centre for Political Expertise, explained a reason for such harsh rhetoric, saying, “It’s a fact… Russia and the US are geopolitical opponents. This logic is based on the confrontation of two kinds of civilisations, and the Republicans openly speak about it. The Democrats think the same, but use more roundabout expressions, and choose to use soft smart force. As for Romney, he’s only a presidential candidate, so he doesn’t care about beating around the bush and bluntly calls a spade a spade”. At the same time, Korovin doesn’t think that people should get carried away by forecasts and comparing the results of public opinion polls on Romney’s and Obama’s popularity. He emphasised that the US election campaign has little bearing upon real presidential election mechanisms. Party conventions are part and parcel of this process. This makes Obama’s sarcasm about the Republican convention understandable; he called it an amusing show.

29 August 2012

Andrei Ilyashenko

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Both major American political parties are hostile to the weltanschauung of Orthodoxy. Full stop; that’s all that there’s to say. However, the Republican Party is MORE hostile to us… it hates our Church… it hates our People… it hates our Civilisation… however, it hates our Sobornost most of all. You see, the Republican Party of today is based in naked and unashamed GREED… in “individual rights”. Russia holds to a Communitarian code that’s held the Russian Narod together from the beginning.

Americans are full of hubris… they actually believe that they can overturn our Civilisation and Church and turn us into mindless animalistic nihilistic consumers just like they are. That’s the challenge facing us. Indeed, it sharpens for us what we are. We are NOT “Americans who profess Orthodoxy”, rather, we are “Orthodox who happen to live in America”. We have to face a harsh fact… contemporary America is based on an ethos that’s profoundly wicked and anti-Christian. In fact, the ones most sunk in the morass of the zeitgeist are the so-called “Religious Right”. What they profess bears no resemblance to the Christianity of the Holy Apostles, and we should say so, loudly.

There is MUCH more to Christianity than the mere illegalisation of abortion or a blind witch-hunt against “immorality and depravity”. We can follow Franklin Graham (who spits on his sincerely-believing father’s legacy) or we can follow HH (who said, “We respect all human choices, including those in human sexuality. We do reserve the right to disagree”). I follow HH, what about you?

Of the two political parties this year, the Republicans are the greater of two evils. No sincerely-believing Orthodox Christian should vote for them. God do save us from fire, flood, and the Objectivist views of the Grand Old Phonies… please, do.


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