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Sunday, 30 September 2012

30 September 2012. A Riposte to the Creationists and “Young Earthers”


Yes… you can believe in an “old” earth… yes… you can believe in theory of evolution… and BE A CHRISTIAN! In fact, the “conflict” between Creation and Evolution is mostly fictive. In fact, what are in contention are Creationism and Evolutionism… two rather different beasts. Evolution’s a modest proposal, at base… organisms change and pass on these changes to their offspring, these mutations can be good or bad. Creation’s equally modest, God is the Unmoved Mover, indeed, but he didn’t deign to tell us the details of it all (nor did He give us a precise timeline for it all).

Creationism is an overly-detailed fairy-tale spread by the ignorant and uneducated terminally-religious, with excessive and unprovable detail. Evolutionism is an overly-detailed fairy tale found amongst the scientifically-ignorant and overly-credulous votaries of scientism. Neither one is overly scientific or theological… both are “mud-pie ideologies”… that is, no grounup can believe in either one. It interesting to note the basic similarities between the Creationist and the Evolutionist (the Evolutionist is more Spencerian than Darwinian, by the way). The Creationist believes that God will swoop in and destroy all those nasty immoral people by sending them all to hell. The Evolutionist believes that religion will die out because mankind will “evolve past that”. In other words, neither one is inclined to effect compromise because they believe that they’ll be the only ones standing at the end of the day. Neither one is scientific… and Evolutionism is less scientific than Creationism is! Evolutionism, stripped of its pseudo-scientific verbiage is an unsupported belief that things and organisms are getting continually better (through a rather nasty Hobbesian war of “all against all”). In fact, Evolutionism is MORE theological than scientific, to wit, it states a thesis, and goes from there, it doesn’t pose a hypothesis… it doesn’t experiment… it doesn’t observe… it doesn’t synthesise. In short, it uses NONE of the components of the Scientific Method.

As for what’s really there, I take a good-sense view… the rocks are 2.5 billion (or whatever) years old… but how they ultimately got there is a mystery, and true scientists don’t know either. They do have hypotheses, but all of them will tell you, “If there’s new evidence, that goes out the window”. Theology and science are companions… BOTH become perverted if the one or the other’s missing. As for the “Young Earthers”… God did make the monkeys first, and if he chose to use them to evolve people, why, that wouldn’t collapse my faith. After all, the beasts do have sentience… not human, of course… science teaches us that. Besides… let everything that breathes praise the Lord… theology teaches us that.

Give this a thought…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 30 September 2012

Albany NY


Syrian Army Defeats Rebels in Aleppo


Syrian troops repelled rebel attacks in Aleppo, the second most important city in the country. After three days of street fighting, the armed gangs retreated, failing to break government force defence lines. The army surrounded and crushed an al-Qaeda-linked rebel band that took part in the offensive. According to the SANA news agency, they killed over 100 mercenaries and terrorists. Syrian Air Force helicopters attacked a convoy of trucks moving to Aleppo from the Turkish border. The BBC reported that the fighting between government forces and rebels led to the destruction of a medieval market on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A fire started in the market situated in the Old City on Friday, 28 September, and it’s still raging now. The fire began because of a battle during which both sides used grenade-launchers and assault rifles.

30 September 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There’s no news on the Syrian victory in the Western media. If that isn’t proof that it’s unreliable propaganda, well, what is? Bashar al-Assad’s no prize package, but he’s not a bloodthirsty Islamist killer, either. Most Muslims are decent sorts who don’t want the kind of world that the Islamists want. Don’t fall for the hate from Fox News and from Willy’s camp.

Isn’t it funny… the people who peddle hate claim to love Jesus (trust me, He’ll tell them, “I know thee not!”)… it does make one think, doesn’t it?


KPU General Secretary Simonenko Receives Order of Friendship From President Putin



This was sent to me as a cut n’ paste in an e-mail, so, I have no URL to post. It comes from a reliable source:

On 28 September, Pyotr Simonenko, head of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU), was in Moscow to meet with Gennady Zyuganov, leader of the KPRF, and to receive the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation from the RF Gosduma. Simonenko received the award for his work in the KPU to promote friendship and brotherhood between Russia and the Ukraine. Later, he met with Zyuganov at KPRF headquarters in Moscow. The two Communist leaders discussed various topics pertaining to the situations of the Parties in both nations.

Editor’s Note:

Orthodox believers should make a poklon before Pyotr Nikolayevich. The KPU stood tall for the real canonical Church, even in the dark days of the 1990s and during the Yushchenkoshchina. When impious Uniate and schismatic mobs attacked the real churches and clergy, egged on and paid by the Americans (as evidenced by the actions of such godless smarmy filth as John Herbst), the KPU put themselves between the rabid insurrectionists and their targets. The Komsomoltsy defended the churches, they showed respect to and protected the real bishops and priests, and they “busted heads and kicked ass” to beat back the depraved pro-American scummer cabal, saving God’s Church in the Ukraine. Because of their steadfastness and bravery, there’s a real canonical Church in the Ukraine today.

Orthodox in the American diaspora should reflect on the fact that the konvertsy cheer on the theomachistic greed, pathetic consumerism, and reckless hegemonism of the American master class; they don’t support the god-pleasing actions of the KPU. By the way, Willard Romney and his squalid neocon cabal supports the schismatics and Uniates more than Barack Obama does… that should give you a hint as to whom to vote for on 6 November. The President isn’t perfect, and there are Russophobes and Orthophobes amongst his advisers. However, Willy’s far worse… he’s virtually declared war on the Orthosphere. You KNOW what to do about that.

Are the konvertsy really one with us? That’s for you to decide…


1951 American Police Report May Solve Renoir Painting Mystery

On the Shore of the Seine

Pierre-Auguste Renoir



A decades-old theft report discovered by police in the USA on Friday could be the clue that links a piece of artwork purchased for 7 USD (220 Roubles. 5.50 Euros. 4.40 UK Pounds) to a costly Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting that was stolen from the Baltimore Museum of Art in 1951. The report, dated 17 November 1951 described Renoir’s On the Shore of the Seine, as a “river scene in pink and blue”. It confirmed that someone stole the painting from the museum, and noted that police found no evidence of forced entry. Police never solved the case.

A Virginia woman purchased a painting that matches the description in a box of junk at a West Virginia flea market two years ago, and had the piece valued by The Potomack Company auction house this summer. Experts there confirmed it was the Renoir masterpiece On the Shore of the Seine, worth up to 100,000 USD (3.125 million Roubles. 78,000 Euros. 62,000 UK Pounds), and found that the frame contained a plaque with the famous painter’s name on it. Where the artwork came from was a mystery, and the owner… who hasn’t publicly revealed her name… made plans to sell it at an auction scheduled for Saturday.

However, an investigation by The Washington Post this week found that the Impressionist painting might have been stolen from the BMA. The Post reporter also discovered evidence that the painting was on loan to the museum from 1937 until 1951, it belonged to an art collector named Saidie May, whose ex-husband bought the painting in 1926 from a Paris gallery. BMA Director Doreen Bolger said in an interview with the Washington Post, “Obviously, we take our responsibility for our collections and the things entrusted to us very seriously. We have to do more research and get to the bottom of the real story, and we’re still in the midst of that process. We have a lot of written and printed records, and they’re filed in many areas of the museum”.

In light of the new information, The Potomack Company cancelled the auction of the Renoir painting scheduled for Saturday, whilst the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case to confirm the painting’s rightful owner. Robert Wittman, a former FBI investigator of art thefts, said, “I just figured it’d be a matter of time before somebody made a claim, because those things just don’t disappear”.

29 September 2012

Jaclyn O’Laughlin



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