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Saturday, 1 September 2012

1 September 2012. “It’s Every Man for Himself”

Don’t be unkind to the True Believers… how would YOU react if you saw all of your dreams implode and die before your eyes?


One of the Cabinet sent me this:

Some say that Archbishop Nathaniel is next… some gay stories are being told. It’s every man for himself. They’re scratching and snarling at one another whilst Melchisedek is in Italy at a conference with bishops from all over the Church, including the MP. Interesting, isn’t it?

This is what’s out there, kids. At this point of the game, no one truly knows what’s going on. NO ONE DOES. Not me… not Lyonyo… not the Metoropolitan Council… not SVS… not Jillions… not Vlad Berzansky Jr… NO ONE. We do know that the last “news” posted on oca.org was on Thursday, and it was pure fluff, with no relation to the real-world dissolution of the OCA. It’s long been an “open secret” about the penetration of the OCA clergy by closeted poofters, and the cultish ignorance of the konvertsy is also equally well-known (the worst are former Anglican nutters like Freddie M-G and Patrick Reardon). All of the stories are coming home to roost, and some of the birds on the wire are very heavy, indeed.

Another Cabinet member sent me this titbit:

People couldn’t believe Dahulich. He’s is looking for new role for JP.

Again, is this intel surprising? Dahulich is one of JP’s coterie; he supports many of JP’s nutter causes. JP’s toast, as all too many of us know of his intimate relationship (in more ways than one) with Gleb Podmoshensky. Podmoshensky’s the guru of all the loudmouth konvertsy, and it’s interesting to see Dreher trying to deny his ties to him (he has ‘em through Freddie M-G… both were seen in Platina by witnesses). Anyone who calls Pavel Florensky a saint is either a direct or indirect disciple of Podmoshensky… Podmoshensky’s the most wicked and corrosive éminence grise in American Orthodoxy… there’s no one worse… not Schmemann… not Greene… not Metropoulos… not Ustinov… not Lyonyo.

However, don’t be harsh on rank n’ file autocephalists… they’re seeing their world collapse about their ears and some are seeing the labour of a lifetime dissolving without a trace. Be kind… that’s the Christian way. I’m told that Mark Stokoe didn’t want to “chronicle the end of the OCA”. Yet, if we find him floundering, it’s our duty to throw him a lifeline. After the lies tossed at him by JP and his coterie, it’s only humane. Remember, the Church does NOT agree with the papists and sectarians on many moral issues (marriage and artificial birth control are two salient examples)… it’s why we’re the Church, and why they aren’t.

Actually, it’s going to get more “interesting” and murky in the immediate short term. Will there even be a Sobor in November? God only knows…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 1 September 2012

Albany NY


1 September 2012. Dahulich Tells Whoppers at FOCA

As an antidote to Michael Dahulich’s fibs, look at this image from one of Fathausen’s trips to the Centre. He’s the filling in a shit sandwich, between HH and Mel Pleska, neither of whom are very happy. Reflect well that this appeared on patriarchia.ru, the official MP website. Dahulich is chock fulla shit; no one should believe what he’s saying here. After all, the Jesuits educated him, and you KNOW their reputation.


A Cabinet member told me:

Dahulich told the FOCA convention that when he had a teleconference with JP, he asked him why he was resigning, and JP was silent. He said that Patriarch Kirill told the OCA delegation in Kiev that he accepted JP’s resignation, but he wasn’t happy. Dahulich also said he spoke to Bishop Matthias yesterday, and said that he’s a man of great strength and is doing well.


Dahulich’s statements are a figment of a disordered imagination. Look at the image posted above. It proves that HH is no friend of Fathausen or his cabal. There’s been no defence of Fathausen in the Russian press, either secular or religious, either official or unofficial. Vsevolod Chaplin, V R Legoida, and Dmitri Smirnov are silent. Mark Golovkov and Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov aren’t defending Fatso and his pals, either. Remember how the Unsinkable Satrap forbade OCA clergy to serve at Laurus Škurla‘s funeral? When, he talks, people LISTEN (trust me… he’s no Blunder, that’s for sure). That is, Dahulich’s assertions on this topic are specious, without substance, and unworthy of belief. HH has made no public utterance or private leak about Fathausen… none. It’s not out there. The only person at the Centre defending Fatso is the Blunder (the most-hated hierarch in the MP).

Dahulich defends Moriak, but that’s no surprise. Both are big bum-kissers of the papists. Both defended Fathausen’s cosy relations with Uniate scum. Both were members of Fathausen’s cabal. Both are “outsiders”… both are “imports” clueless of the OCA/Metropolia’s institutional culture and history. In short, Dahulich is scared that the next person on the Synod’s hit list is him, and he’s right to have worries. After all, Dahulich kissed JP’s bum big time… now, that’s a liability, and Dahulich is trying to rearrange the Titantic’s deck chairs. Don’t get angry… don’t make up a lynch mob. Dahulich has made enemies… enemies that want to see him dead (figuratively… in the power sense, he’ll be quite alive, but out of a job). ‘Taint pretty, but that’s what happens at the dissolution of an organisation. Dahulich is in too deep to survive in his present condition. Either he’ll go down with JP and his coterie, or, he’ll turn traitor and backstab them. In either case, one can see his character clearly… it’s not nice, but that’s reality for you.

A Cabinet member disgustedly told me this:

The bishops don’t trust each other because they don’t know who’s next… it’s just like in the times of Stalin’s Politburo!

Fathausen’s gone down… Maymon’s going to Syosset, and may be next… Moriak faces charges and may go too. Dahulich is feeling the heat. Remember, Lyonyo and Jillions are trying to orchestrate a packed Sobor… why do I think that it’s going to fail? It’s NEVER boring covering the Russian Orthodox diaspora in the USA and Canada… pass me the jug…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 1 September 2012

Albany NY

Iran-Russia Ties Key to “Regional and Global Peace”

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi (1949- ) addresses the Non-Aligned Movement conference in Tehran.


On Saturday, Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Majlis (Iranian parliament), said that Iran and Russia have common views on a large number of international issues and closer bilateral ties between them will facilitate regional and international peace and stability, saying, “Our two countries share many interests and common views in international fields that can serve as a basis for constructive cooperation between Tehran and Moscow”. Press TV cited Larijani in reporting his meeting with Konstantin Shuvalov, President Putin‘s personal delegate at the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran. Larijani said that the Majlis would do its best to promote Iran’s “amicable ties” with Russia. Shuvalov said that Tehran plays an effective and constructive role in regional and global developments.

1 September 2012



Editor’s Note:

You can discount all the vacuous flapdoodle in the Western media about Russia moving away from Iran. Firstly, a while back, we had a friendly confab between Salehi and the Old Master, Sergei Lavrov, and, now, we have this. In the main, Western journalists are nihilist whores who write whatever their corporate paymasters tell them to… if they don’t, they’re out of a job. Someone called them “pressitutes”… an apt title, if there ever were such… oh, yes… our friendly neighbourhood lickspittle stooges Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are “pressitutes” for the NYT… fancy that.

Discount all American (whether interventionist Democrat or neocon Republican) wind on Iran… with Russian and Chinese guarantees, there’s going to be NO attack on Iran. In particular, Wafflin’ Willy is a prancing lobotomised fool… he knows that the USA lacks the means, both military and financial, to shut down the Iranian nuclear programme (especially, since Kadima‘s defection knackered Bibi‘s “government of national unity” in Israel). The USA is NOT going to attack Iran before, during, or after the US presidential election… as I said, it lacks the means. Anyone who believes that it shall is in sore need of a long rest in a home for the feebleminded.

Crazy world we live in, no? Pass me the jug…


1 September 2012. A Point to Ponder…


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