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Sunday, 2 September 2012

2 September 2012. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Bishop Abel of Lublin and Chełm in the USA


The above image shows Archbishop Abel Popławski of Lublin and Chełm whilst he was on a visit to the USA. This reminds us that we’re part of a larger Church, one that won’t be affected by the fall of the OCA, that is, we’ll have help in putting things back together and back to rights. It also reminds us that our parishes will all be here after the OCA falls… and that these parishes will go on as they’ve always done. Remember, the Church survived the fall of Nemolovsky in the early ’20s… the Church survived the Church War after ’65… the Church survived the attempt by Fathausen and the clueless konvertsy to take us over… yes, Virginia, the Church will survive the fall of the OCA, too.

Never forget that the strength of the Church is in the parishes, the so-called “national Church” is nothing but a crudely-welded-on superstructure. Indeed, do our parishes need TWENTY bishops (ten active and ten “retired”)? That’s inane and is proof that the inmates are running the asylum (that is, the “national church”). This image is proof that the Church is NOT Syosset, SVS, the Metropolitan Council, or the OCA itself… it’s us… it’s our coreligionists abroad… but it’s not slobbering phonies like John Behr, John Jillions, Lyonyo, Freddie M-G, or Rod Dreher.

We will survive. After all, we did it before, so, we can do it again…


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