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Monday, 3 September 2012

Metropolitan Cyril of Rhodes Sez that All Local Churches in Orthodoxy Must Present a United Front to Face Contemporary Challenges


Metropolitan Cyril Kogerakis of Rhodes (EP) said that one of the most pressing issues in Orthodoxy today is all-Orthodox unity, saying, “I think the Orthodox Church can provide answers to the challenges of the modern world, but, in my opinion, the most urgent task right now is Orthodox Unity, the unity of all the Local Churches in the face of the modern world’s challenges”. Vladyki Kirill noted that although the Christian tradition dates back more than two thousand years, it should talk in terms understandable to modern mankind so that they “can find the answers to the burning questions posed by modern life. Some say that we should update the Church. However, we should only ‘modernise’ our approach, so that modern man can accept the accumulated wealth of the Church, the treasure of two thousand years of history, which already includes the answers to all our burning questions”.

3 September 2012




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