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Thursday, 6 September 2012

6 September 2012. Something to Think About…


THIS is what I live by… don’t let the bastards grind you down…



6 September 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. An Eligible Caterpillar

An Eligible Caterpillar

Sergei Yolkin



According to a paper published by biologists in the journal Nature Communications, the Egyptian Cotton Leafworm uses pheromones to advertise their sexual availability in a very unusual way… they put them on the leaves of edible plants in order to attract other larvae.

6 September 2012

Sergei Yolkin



Putin Warns West’s Syria Policy Could Backfire


President Vladimir Putin warned the Western powers that their “dangerous” stance on the Syria crisis could come back to haunt them. In a wide-ranging interview with the RT international news channel, Putin said, “Today, some want to use militants from al-Qaeda or some other equally-radical groups to accomplish their goals in Syria. This policy is very short-sighted and is fraught with dire consequences”.

Putin compared alleged Western funding of radical Islamist militants to help topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with American support for Afghan rebels after the USSR’s 1979 invasion of its Central Asia neighbour, saying, “When someone aspires to attain an end they see as optimal, any means will do. As a rule, they’ll try and do that by hook or by crook… and hardly ever think of the consequences. That was the case during the war in Afghanistan. At that time, our present partners supported a rebel movement there and basically gave rise to al- Qaeda, which later backfired on the USA itself”.

Putin also hit out at Western criticism of the Kremlin’s refusal to back proposed UN sanctions against the Assad régime over the continuing bloodshed in Syria and dismissed suggestions that Moscow would alter its position, saying, “How come Russia’s the only one who’s expected to revise its stance? Don’t you think our counterparts in negotiations ought to revise theirs as well? Because if we look back at the events in the past few years, we’ll see that quite a few of our counterparts’ initiatives haven’t played out the way they were intended to. Look at what’s going on in Arab countries. There have been notable developments in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, etc. Would you say that order and prosperity have been totally ensured for these nations? Besides, what’s going on in Iraq? In Libya, there are armed clashes still raging among the country’s various tribes”.

Putin suggested the key to ending the conflict in Syria was to halt weapons deliveries to Damascus, saying, “I believe that the first thing to do is to stop shipping arms into the warzone, which is still going on. We should stop trying to impose unacceptable solutions on either side, because it’s a dead-end. That’s what we should do. It’s that simple”. The Kremlin said its arms shipments to Syria don’t violate international law and don’t include equipment that could be used against “peaceful protesters”.

On 19 July, Russia and China vetoed a Western-backed UN resolution on Syria over fears that it would lead to foreign military intervention in the country, a move that American UN Ambassador Susan Rice called “paranoid if not disingenuous”. The resolution has its basis in Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which provides for the use of force to put an end to conflict. Russia said that it has no special interest in seeing Assad remain in power, but that the “Syrian people” should decide his fate. Earlier this year, Putin vowed not to allow a repeat of the “Libya scenario”, which saw the ouster and murder of long-time Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi after a NATO military campaign last year.

6 September 2012



6 September 2012. Greece Picking Up Medals at Paralympics… With NO Help From the Greek Rightwingers…

Paschalis Stathelakos, winner of the bronze in the shot-put and silver in the discus (image from the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing)


Aristidis Makrodimitris, silver-medallist swimmer


Team Greece‘s London 2012 Paralympic medal tally is up to eight after Aristidis Makrodimitris and Paschalis Stathelakos earned their second medals. On Wednesday, swimmer Makrodimitris finished second in the 50-metre backstroke S2 final to claim silver with a time of 1:04.71. On Thursday, Stathelakos added a bronze medal in shot-put F40, in addition to his silver in discus F40, with his best shot at 12.78 metres. In a statement he made later, Stathelakos said that he and his teammates in the national Paralympic squad felt that the Greek state abandoned them, “which explains the drop in the medals tally in this Paralympics”, he said, adding that, without state support, Greece might not be represented in the next Paralympics at all.

6 September 2012

George Georgakopoulos



Editor’s Note:

What makes my blood boil is that the Greek state cut funding for the Paralympians to keep tax rates on the parasite McMansion filth low. The present Greek government is moving towards a “no confidence” vote… and there’ll be new elections. SYRIZA’s in the wings… with a populist programme in hand. Trust me, the McMansion scummers who’re partying now will get it good from SYRIZA… they’ll make ‘em pay up, and if the thieves try fleeing to America with their loot, the Greek government will treat ‘em the same way the Russians treated Khodorkovsky.

THIS is what the rightwing wants… it wants to cut everything helping ordinary people so that the rich can party on, unhindered. I don’t think that I’m alone in hating and opposing that. The Greek Paralympians are more deserving of our money than any crapitalist “investor” or “owner” is… infinitely so…


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