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Friday, 7 September 2012

7 September 2012. A Kind Word to Friends: Avoid Konvertsy Cesspits Such as Monomakhos…


A friend wrote me:

That Monomahkos blog is becoming a convert priest pest nest… Reardon, Jacobses, Honneycutt. They’re all there telling us Orthodox how to behave. They’re all all assholes.

I wrote back:

You shouldn’t log onto that site… it’s fulla shit and that’s no good for you. They’re going to leave us… good riddance to bad rubbish. However, don’t access their bloviations… all it’ll do is piss you off for no good reason. Focus on what we can do…

Unlike this site, which has news, images, and other opinions from the Orthosphere, Monomakhos is nothing but a bunch of juvenile konvertsy braying at the moon. Leave them be. Don’t let them rile you. They’re of no importance in the greater scheme of things in the Orthosphere’s life… don’t even log onto it. It’s that unimportant. It’s why I don’t refute Freddie M-G, Mattingly, Reardon, Dreher, et al… they don’t measure up to a “bucket of warm piss“, so, practising Christians should leave them to their spiritual masturbation and focus on better things. One of our senior clergy was getting PO’d over that bunch of goofy nuns in Maryland. One of his colleagues said to him, “They’re taking up too much space in your mind, and they’re not paying rent. You ought to stop obsessing about them”. That’s exactly what he did, it made a 100 percent improvement in his disposition, and the nutter nuns did end up leaving us. That’s what we should do concerning the schauspielers on Monomakhos. There are better things for us to be doing than to be pig ‘rasslin’ with a bunch of prelest-ridden fools.

You guys mean a lot to me… and this website is the richer for it. Thank you for that… do leave the cretins alone… it’s not worth the aggravation and Almighty God will ask you, “Why did you waste your God-given time on such nonsense?” We have a Church to unify and rebuild… that’s more important than fighting with a bunch of adolescent know-alls. Let’s keep a sense of real priorities.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 7 September 2012

Albany NY


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