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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Team Russia Wrapping Up the Paralympics With More Wins

Aleksei Kuznetsov, won silver in the men’s javelin throw


Russian Aleksei Kuznetsov won Paralympic silver by throwing the javelin to 27.87 metres. The gold in the javelin throw went to Mexican Luis Alberto Zepeda Félix and the bronze to Greek Manolis Stephanudakis.


Russian Pavel Poltavets won Paralympic gold in the class SB9 men’s 100-metre breaststroke. He set a new world record of 1:04.2. The silver went to South African Kevin Paul, and the bronze to China’s Lin Furong. Their results were 1:05.7 and 1:07.4, respectively.


Russian Yelena Ivanova won a gold medal at the London Paralympic Games in the women’s 100-metre race, finishing the distance in 14.44 seconds. Korean Ming Chzhey Jeong came in second with 14.70 and German Claudia Nikoletzik third with a time of 14.88. Earlier, Ivanova won the women’s 200-metre race and helped the Russian team win a gold medal in the 4-person 100-metre relay race


On the penultimate day of the London Paralympic Games, Russian athletes won three gold medals. Athlete Yelena Ivanova was first in the women’s 100-metre sprint. Swimmer Mikhail Zimin won the gold in the men’s 100-metre breaststroke. Pavel Poltavets also won the 100-metre breaststroke, but in a different category; both of the swimmers set new world records. Swimmer Roman Dubovoi, javelin thrower Aleksei Kuznetsov, and sprinter Fyodor Trikolich won silver medals. Yvgeniya Trushnikova and Roman Kapranov won bronze medals in track. The Russian national team is currently second overall, ahead of the British team. Russia won 35 gold medals, Britain has 33, and the Chinese took 94.


On Sunday, the 2012 London Paralympic Games are to wrap up, with a closing ceremony scheduled for later in the day. The main theme will be the Festival of Flame, organisers said without elaborating. On the last day of the games, 64 sets of medals will be in contention. At present, Team Russia holds second place, with a total of 101 medals.


On Sunday, Russia will face the Ukraine in the football final in the 7х7 format at the 2012 London Paralympics. In the semifinals held earlier this week, the Ukraine beat Iran 2-1, whilst Russia got the better of Brazil 3-1. During the Paralympic football final in Beijing in 2008, Russia yielded to the Ukraine 2-1.


The Festival of Flame will be the main theme of the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympic Games on Sunday, organisers said without elaborating. British rock band Coldplay will be at the heart of the Sunday performance, which will include the raising of the Union Flag by British veterans. Festivities dedicated to the last day of the Paralympics in central London shall occur later in the day.

8/9 September 2012

Voice of Russia World Service









9 September 2012. Tosi Believes Himself the “Grand Inquisitor” of the OCA…


Word’s reached me that Eric Tosi is strutting about, demanding that people “shut up”, that they shouldn’t talk to me, and that (basically) he has the right to vet all posting of information about the OCA. Tosi is nothing but a self-important apparatchik… remember what he said when there was a question of “missing” money and suspicions centring on Piggy Iggy Burdikoff? “The records simply don’t exist”. I can state clearly that’s the dumbest thing that a responsible party could make in public. A lawyer acquaintance of mine said, “He put the OCA out on a limb with that one. He stated, for the record, that the OCA was negligent with tax records, and that it either allowed them to be destroyed or to fall into the wrong hands”. That’s the sort of person that Tosi is… but he’s small fry, kids. He doesn’t have half the influence of a Hunchak or Hopko fils… or of Garklavs or Berzonsky, for that matter.

The situation is getting “curiouser and curiouser” and all sort of rumour, innuendo, and down-right lies are going to circulate in the absence of truthful reporting by Church authorities. Also, certain of the figures in the current apparat are going to be going about threatening this one and that one. Hunker down… say nothing… they can’t hurt you.

They’re “the man behind the curtain” (click here for a video of the scene), it’s If I Were King of the Forest without Bert Lahr‘s evident comedic talent (click here for a video of the song)…


A View from Moscow by Valentin Zorin… US Elections: The Bets are Laid

Get out and vote… the Neanderthal rightwingers are going to… but don’t lose heart, we DO outnumber them.


The presidential election campaign in the USA reached a pivotal stage; it’s a decisive week that‘ll determine who’ll lead America in the next four years. The Republican National Convention nominated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to run for president, along with his choice for VP, Paul Ryan to run against Democratic Party nominees Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The Republican leadership is gambling on political hawks, enablers of the American military-industrial complex. This choice sets the tone for the campaign. Mitt Romney is a successful businessman, fabulously rich, one of the pillars of Boston’s financial community. However, recently, during the current election campaign, it came out that the Republican presidential hopeful is dodging taxes by stashing funds in overseas banks. Nevertheless, those who back him are unperturbed. He backs their aims, he suits them; he’s “their guy”.

A 42-year-old member of the US House of Representatives, reputed to be eloquent, Paul Ryan won the affection of business tycoons thanks to his calls for limits on government regulation of the economy, cutting social programmes, and introducing more tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans. Media releases portray Ryan as a competent economist, sorely needed in the wheezing American economy. In reality, volubility seems to be his main and only asset. He has no practical or theoretical knowledge of economics. In nominating presidential and vice-presidential candidates, the Republican National Convention offered no clear-cut election programme. Whilst underscoring their commitment to traditional American values in their speeches, both nominees emphasised the need to increase military spending and reinforce the tax cuts for the rich initiated by the Bush administration. A telling detail that testified to Romney’s intention to continue Bush’s failed policies rejected in the last election was the fact that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (George Bush’s brother) was one of those whom the Republican leadership instructed to support Mitt Romney at the convention. By the way, Jeb Bush played a dubious role in George Bush’s victory in the 2000 election.

The Republican leadership needed to invoke the political legacy of one of the country’s most disastrous presidents in order to woo Big Business’ support, especially, the military-industrial complex. As for the majority of American voters, the Republicans are trying to appeal to the overall public discontent about the current economic situation in the country. In America, they say that people vote with their wallets. As wallets grow thinner and thinner day by day, of course, some blame this on those in power. As it happens, the Republicans think that they see an opening… they’re betting on economic issues. It’s what they’re banking on; it’s their main hope. What will win in the end? Will it be the storyline broadcast by a powerful and lavishly-funded propaganda machine, or, will it be the common sense inherent in most Americans? It’ll become clear fairly soon.

8 September 2012

Valentin Zorin

Voice of Russia World Service


Obama Ahead of Romney

Get out there and vote for the Prez… don’t argue with slobberin’ rightwing cretins… cast your vote… we DO outnumber them, after all…


According to a recent survey, current US President Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate in the upcoming election, significantly surpassed the popularity of his Republican rival Mitt Romney. According to the study, if the presidential election were held this weekend, about 47 percent of eligible voters would vote for Obama. Romney would only receive about 43 percent of the votes.

9 September 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


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