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Saturday, 15 September 2012

15 September 2012. Another Reason Why Moriak’s Unfit to be Bishop of the Midwest… He Wants to Abandon Holy Trinity Cathedral



Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago IL USA… a place where MARTYRS walked. Moriak wants to abandon it in favour of a lunatic konvertsy conventicle… that’s impious! The top image is one of the design sketches, the middle image is the church as it appears today, and the last image is an interior shot, of the iconostas.


I keep hearing whispers that Moriak would like to abandon Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago, close the parish, and make Christ the Saviour (located right next to Diocese of the Midwest headquarters, where Moriak lives) the Midwest’s cathedral instead. Of course, as a 100+ year old building, Holy Trinity is expensive to maintain. Sadly, the cathedral’s membership has dwindled in recent years due to personality clashes. However, Holy Trinity is where saints walked! St Ivan Kochurov was responsible for the building of the church, and St Tikhon Bellavin consecrated the church. One also can’t ignore the architectural significance of the building. Famous Chicago architect Louis Sullivan designed it; it’s the only Sullivan-designed church by that’s still used as a church. It’s a Chicago Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places. Only a boob would propose what Moriak’s proposing. Firstly, he feathered his son’s nest. Secondly, he tried to ram his notions down everyone’s throat… in a very un-Orthodox way (ever since the kafuffle with the Old Ritualists, the REAL Church is chary of picking fights over piffles). Thirdly, he sucked up to Fathausen and the konvertsy cabal shamelessly. Now, this…

It’s well-known that Moriak spends much more time at Christ the Saviour than at Holy Trinity, that’s what all my sources say to me. Christ the Saviour has a looney-tunes Rightwing rector (homeschooled kids, hardline Republican, “love it or leave it“, the whole lot… of course, that’s sectarian in tone, not Orthodox at all). I don’t know if this priest is konvertsy or not, but my sources (note the plural) tell me that he certainly looks and acts the part. As this parish is a magnet for konvertsy, cradle Orthodox are very uncomfortable with the atmosphere there, especially older people. Holy Trinity, on the other hand, is your grandparents’ parish. Here’s what’s probably driving Moriak and the greedster konvertsy… if Holy Trinity was no longer a church and the land sold, it would bring a large sum, even in these depressed times. Remember, they only profess Christianity with their mouths… they actually manifest Libertarian Nihilism through their actions. I say this… if the babas are uncomfortable with the konvertsy conventicle, so am I. The babas KNOW… they walk the walk… the konvertsy only talk the talk. In any case, would you trust a bishop who hangs out with oddbod fringe elements who homeschool their kids so that they’re not “polluted?” I don’t… and I don’t think that many of you do either.

Let’s preserve a true architectural gem and a place where MARTYRS trod. Holy Trinity’s in the Village… in the old nabe. The konvertsy want to destroy our past and replace it with their phoney Amerikantsy tinsel and plasticine. If this doesn’t prove to you that Fathausen, his cabal, and konvertsy in general favour evil policies, nothing will. To think of abandoning Holy Trinity is like blowing up Christ the Saviour again and making it a swimming pool yet again. EVIL, kids… let’s call it what it is… EVIL.

I’ve had the privilege of both worshipping at Holy Trinity and spending time in the Village. Moriak… if you want to close this historic landmark, you’re an open enemy of Our Lord Christ and His Church, and I’m saying that to your face. Repent or leave, sir…

The Very Stones Cry Out… but shall we listen?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 15 September 2012

Albany NY


As John Robles Sees It… Muslim Rage Spreads Worldwide

Protestors outside the American Embassy in Cairo (Cairo GovernorateEGYPT


Protests against the American film Innocence of Muslims has begun to spread all over the world. There’ve been attacks on American Embassies worldwide as Muslim anger against American policies and meddling continued. The protests involved hundreds of thousands; for the most part, they’re peaceful, with the largest part of the most serious violence directed at American Embassies and businesses, and in one case, protesters burned down an American school. Since the murders in Benghazi, there have been no reports of violence against Americans.

Mass protests by Muslims continue to spread to more and more countries as outrage in the Islamic world escalates due to the trailer of an American film ridiculing the Prophet Mohammed called Innocence of Muslims, which appeared on the internet. Although the film was the spark that lit the flames of the violence, massive longstanding grievances and anger against the USA and its attempts to force its policies on countries worldwide, as well as the constant meddling of the USA into affairs in Muslim world are now serving to feed the escalating violence. The deep socioeconomic problems in Arab Spring countries, something that hasn’t been addressed, is also playing into the hands of Islamists and adding more fuel to the crisis.

All over the world, governments are asking Muslims to show restraint and not to escalate the level of violence. On Friday, the protests spread from Egypt and Libya to other countries including Israel, Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen. There were also widespread protests in countries outside the Middle East, including but not limited to Bangladesh, Kashmir, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Qatar.


In Jerusalem, a protest near the Damascus Gate turned violent when protesters began throwing rocks at police. Apparently, the protesters began to head in the direction of the American Consulate, but the police stopped them by using concussion grenades. According to Ynetnews, there were protests in Akko, in the Wadi Ara region, and in the towns of Baqa al-Gharbiyye and Umm al-Fahm, which were for the most part peaceful.


Yemen saw some of the most violent protests with reports saying that security forces killed four protesters who were rioting near the American Embassy.


In Khartoum, hundreds of protesters stormed the German Embassy and set it on fire. Police used teargas to dispel the protesters, who then began protesting outside the British Embassy nearby.


In Kashmir, in some of the largest anti-American demonstrations so far, at least 15,000 people took part in dozens of protests, chanting “Down with America”, “Down with Israel”, and calling US President Barack Obama a “terrorist”. The country’s top cleric demanded that Americans leave the region immediately.


In Chennai, protesters threw stones at the American Consulate, shattering some windows and burned an effigy of Obama. Police arrested more than 100 protesters.


In Bangladesh, about 5,000 people marched in Dhaka burning American and Israeli flags and calling for the death of the film-maker. Police stopped them from reaching the American Embassy.


In Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation in the world, protests were extremely peaceful, as only about 200 protesters held a peaceful protest outside the heavily-guarded American Embassy in Jakarta.


There were more protests in Tehran, including demonstrations outside the Swiss Embassy (which represents American interests in Iran). Reports say Ayatollah Jannati, the head of the Guardian Council, denounced the anti-Muslim film during Friday prayers.


Three protesters were killed outside the American Embassy in Tunis, where demonstrators attempted to enter the compound. The demonstrators included ordinary Tunisians and Salafist activists. An American school was also set on fire.


Security forces in Tripoli killed one demonstrator as protesters attempted to storm a government building. In addition, protesters burned down an American Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.


In Damascus, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the American Embassy holding a peaceful demonstration. Protesters carried images of President Bashar al-Assad and chanted anti-American slogans.


Hundreds of protesters attempted to march towards the American Embassy in Islamabad and were stopped by police far from the city’s diplomatic quarter where the embassy is located.


Protesters filled the streets of Doha and lined the city’s main highway. No violence was reported.

In closing, I’d personally like to ask all Muslims to show restraint and demonstrate peacefully, as this was another provocation. Those who made the film want to see violence and want you to overreact. If you react violently, you’ll be playing into their hands.

14 September 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



15 September 2012. THIS is the Blasphemy Winked at by the Republican Party… All Orthodox Christians Should Heed This


In 2008, John McCain, and his foreign policy guru Randall Scheunemann, were gung-ho supporters of the Georgian aggression in South Ossetia. This year, Willy labelled Russia America‘s “Geopolitical Foe Number One”. Take a good look at the above blasphemous pseudo-icon… it’s the sort of thing that the Republicans wink at because it’s anti-Russian.

Orthodox people… there are consequences to voting Republican. If you do, you vote for a political party whose undisguised Mammon worship spits on everything that we hold dear as Orthodox Christians. Besides that, no tactic is too low nor is any method too foul for them. You see, if it makes money… why, that absolves everything (like Willy refusing to make public his tax records)! In like manner, they’ll use any means to attack Russia… as their support of the 2008 aggression against South Ossetia showed. Don’t forget… that started with a sneak Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians at 22.00 in the evening. THAT’S what the Republican Party winks at and applauds. Reflect on this… the konvertsy (especially ignorant punks like Fathausen and Dreher) support the Republican assuault on Russia and its values… that should tell you what to do about them.

Orthodox people should vote for President Obama on 6 November… he ain’t perfect, but he’s not THIS… at least, he’s willing to act like a human being.



There was No Million for “March of Millions” in Moscow


 “The March of Millions” in the centre of Moscow was over several hours earlier than planned. On failing to hear a concrete program from the opposition, people began to disperse and the organisers started to dismantle the stage. According to the police, about 13,000 people came to the centre of Moscow to express discontent over government policy. The organisers claim that the number of people was ten times as large. Whatever it was, both figures are too small to justify the campaign’s name. One can’t even begin to compare them with the figures of the two previous campaigns. The record was set last winter on Bolotnaya Square, when, according to police reports, about 40,000 people attended a rally. Since then, the number of people who’ve attended opposition rallies has only decreased. It’s likely that this form of protest has run its course. There are no more high-profile newsmakers to showcase such events.

Aleksandr Tsipko, senior researcher at the Institute of International Economic and Political Studies, said, “The opposition still failed to present a concrete programme and a decent leader. The current leaders are insignificant in terms of their life experience. Chirikova’s a weird lady; Udaltsov’s a typical Russian revolutionary… Navalny’s an intellectual, but he’s reticent about his plans. This is the first reason why it won’t get too far, with such people in the lead. The second reason is very serious. It’s become clear to everyone that such protests, targeted against a single person, are very impulsive. They don’t propose any real programme. Its street theatre; its purpose is to emphasise one’s disagreement with the government”.

Until the very last moment, the people in the square hoped to hear a sound proposal from the opposition. In particular, they expected Boris Nemtsov, the leader of the liberal Republican Party of Russia – People’s Freedom Party (RPR-PARNAS), to sum up the points that liberals and leftists agreed on {in this case, the author is using “liberal” in the Russian sense, that is, “conservative” in the American sense: editor}. Nemtsov said in the beginning that the two parties had managed to agree, but then he was about to deny it, saying, “Our political demands are absolutely clear… immediate release of political prisoners. Are you with us? Our second demand is holding new fair parliamentary and presidential elections under the public control. Are you with us? Our resolution also contains social and economic demands. I want leftists and liberals, people in this square, all citizens of our enormous country, to know that we’d demand that the government freeze utility and housing rates. Are you with us? The leftists aren’t very loud; I can hear only liberals. What’s the matter?”

Nemtsov’s speech was a turning point. After his speech, people didn’t really listen to Gennady Gudkov, the RF Gosduma deputy who’d been removed from office, and blogger and businessman Aleksei Navlny. They expected to hear concrete statements from them, but what they heard were the same old slogans and appeals. It was remarkable that Russian United Democratic Party “Yabloko” activists and the supporters of former presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov didn’t come to the square. Aleksandr Tsipko said, “In such a situation, it’s difficult to speak about a split in the ranks of the opposition because the opposition doesn’t share any common ideas and it doesn’t have a single leader. Yabloko is a liberal democratic party, which has a history and roots. It’s a party of intellectuals. What can Yabloko and its leaders have in common with half-crazy liberals and crazy nationalists?”

Only Yevegeniya Chirikova, who plans to run for the post of the Mayor of Khimki, a city in Moscow Oblast, came up with more or less concrete statements. RF Gosduma deputy Aleksandr Trapeznikov said, “She was the only opposition leader who used this opportunity to check how popular her ideas were. It’s a normal step for the opposition, a civilised step. I urge all opposition leaders to stand as candidates for elections, if not this year, then, next year. If people like their ideas, they’ll make a difference, but so far, I don’t see it. Their slogans failed to gain traction amongst the majority of Russians”.

On Saturday, rallies similar to the one in Moscow occurred in many Russian cities. Opposition leaders said that such meetings would happen in every oblast, krai, and republic, but that didn’t happen. In St Petersburg, the “March of Millions” gathered 800 people, whilst in Saratov and Kazan it gathered 100 people.

15 September 2012

Maria Vesnovskaya

Voice of Russia World Service


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