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Monday, 17 September 2012

Monument to Waffen-SS Legionnaires Unveiled in Latvia


On Monday, Latvian media sources reported that a monument to members of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS was unveiled in a Latvian town. The monument to members of three SS battalions was unveiled in the town of Bauska on Friday in the presence of local officials and lawmakers. The inscription on the monument reads: “To Bauska’s Defenders Against the Second Soviet Occupation”. Russian diplomats in Riga, a number of Latvian MPs, and anti-Nazi activists condemned the new monument. In a statement, the Russian Embassy said, “It’s regrettable that Latvia, a modern European country, spends municipal funds to honor [Nazis] in the presence of authorities and schoolchildren”. Members of the Latvian Anti-Nazi Association said that the authorities should dismantle the monument and move it to a Waffen-SS cemetery. Andrei Klementyev {he’s a socialist, not a Neoliberal pro-American lickspittle: editor}, Deputy Speaker of the Saeima, also criticised the monument, which “is damaging to the country’s image”. The Latvian Legion, formed by the Nazis in 1943, comprised two Waffen-SS divisions. Annually, its former members and their supporters gather for a march in Riga in mid-March.

17 September 2012



Editor’s Note:

Note it well, the Neo-Nazi filth in Latvia, Estonia, and the Ukraine have American support. As they’re anti-Russian, the USA “overlooks” the fact that the Latvian SS helped the Germans exterminate the Jews in Latvia. The Latvian Legion was composed of fanatics who fought on after even the Nazis surrendered. Willard Romney supports such soulless traitors to the max. Yes, Obama’s State Department supports them, too, but not as fervently as the Republican neocons do (that’s odd, seeing that so many of them are Jews… supporting anti-Semites… that’s a classic self-hating Jew if there ever was such).

Therefore, pick the lesser of two evils. The Republican Party is relentless in its support of neo-Nazi factions on the former Soviet space, so, no Orthodox Christian can vote for them in good conscience. The Republicans want to rip out the soul of the Orthosphere and replace it with their grubby godless Mammon-worship (“consumerism”) and Anti-Christian “Evangelicalism” (a Russian bishop rightfully called such “Christian Atheism”)… therefore, any Orthodox Christian who votes for them votes against Our Lord Christ and His Church, full stop. Furthermore, Romney belongs to a cultish and secretive sect condemned by the Church (after all, the konvertsy keep telling us what good and strict Orthodox they are).

The konvertsy support Romney… that shows the depth of their “Orthodoxy”… need I say more?


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