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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19 September 2012. More Intel on the DC Nuns and the Georgians in the USA…


The neighbours are so nice! The Cabinet’s weighing in on the oddjob nuns in Maryland:

Yesterday, a priest told me that the ROCOR Eastern Diocese site had a notice saying that the Georgian Diocese in the USA accepted the “DC nuns”. I can’t find the notice on that site… and, as you probably know, the nuns made their monastery site “private”(!). So, maybe it was up, and, then, taken down? I heard more recently that the nuns APPLIED for reception, but aren’t yet in. The Georgian bishop will get an earful, God willing, BEFORE he seals the deal…

Another voice chimed in:

Indeed, the Church of Georgia has parishes in the USA. Metropolitan Dimitri Shiolashvili of Batumi and Lazeti is the ruling hierarch of the Georgian parishes in North America, per a 2009 decision of the Georgian Holy Synod. Since then, six other Georgian parishes have come into existence, in addition to the original one. All seven are in the parish directory on the website of the “Assembly of Bishops”.

Formerly, only the Churches of Georgia, Bulgaria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia officially recognised the OCA as autocephalous, and, with the exception of Bulgaria, they respected the OCA’s canonical territory. Everyone knows that the Poles encouraged their people to attend OCA parishes; even Matusiak has Old Calendar Slavonic services in his parish for the Orthodox Poles in Chicago IL. It used to be the same with the Georgians… St Nick’s in the District had Old Calendar services in Georgian, and even had a Georgian priest on staff. No longer… now, the Georgians have their own parish there (although I understand that a few Georgians remain at St Nick’s). Why hasn’t Moscow raised hell over this? Could it be that it fits in their larger plan to dismantle the OCA, which some in the Centre’s upper echelons call “an awful clanger from the Soviet days?”

Probably, there’s “more gold in them thar hills”… but it looks like the dippy no-nun nuns are batting 00.00. I’d still say you should keep a vigilant eye out for Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Mattingly, Fathausen, or the rest of that scurvy crew in the District. They screwed us once… they can do it again.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Albany NY


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