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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hundreds of Christians Kidnapped in Syria

Syrian Christian girls… prime targets of the American-supported rebels… is that what you want?


Rebels kidnapped some 300 Greek Catholics in the village of Rableh, near the Syrian border with the Lebanon. According to a report by Radio Vatican, a group of armed men arrived Monday at a local garden where the Christians were picking apples and took away about 150 of them, including women and children. The abductors returned the following day taking away about as many more Christians. This is the first time that an armed group abducted local Christians. Experts fear that rebels fighting an uphill battle with government forces may use the Christians as hostages.

26 September 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This is your tax money at work… both the Democratic interventionists and the Republican neocons support the Islamist pigs in Syria (who are a minority of Muslims in the country, by the way). If Willy were President, he’d intervene to place the Islamists in power, just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the same results. However, Syria has a much larger Christian minority and many more non-Sunni Muslims. If Willy were president, there’d be a bloodbath of Christians, Alawis, and Shias… all aided and abetted by Langley and the Mossad.

That’s another reason to vote for the Prez… his foreign policy is simply mistaken and flawed, it’s not the warmongering abomination of desolation favoured by the Republican neocons. This is a case of where one accepts a lesser evil to keep a deeper evil from taking over. Willy & Co are crazed and single-minded devotees of Mammon and Mars… they must not gain power. Thankfully, Willy loses support by the day… God willing, that’ll persist until 6 November.



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