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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Russia Says “NO” to USAID Meddling in Russian Internal Affairs

US Embassy official Kyle Hatcher with schismatic scummer Valentin Rusantsov (1939-2012) in GWB’s time… how much green did Kyle leave in Valentin Rusantsov’s palm? Now, that’s something worth investigating… Orthodox people, take note… THIS is what the Republican Party smiles at…


The government of the Russian Federation was forced to take measures against American interests to protect its sovereignty; after allowing USAID to operate freely in the Russian Federation for 20 years, it informed the organisation that, as of 1 October, it’s no longer welcome. USAID proved that its stated objectives aren’t in keeping with its real activities in the country, activities that served to undermine Russia and advance American interests. As of 1 October 2012, USAID (United States Agency for International Development) must cease all of its operations in the Russian Federation by order of the Russian government, ending decades of deep and far-reaching involvement on the post-Soviet space. The Russian government determined that USAID attempting to, amongst other things, influence the internal politics of the Russian Federation; this is true, clear, and obvious, and mustn’t continue. However, that’s only the very tip of an enormous iceberg of American involvement and meddling, which goes to the very foundations of Russian society.

USAID, which has been a known CIA front for years, would like to paint a picture of itself as an innocent “humanitarian” group trying to advance the societal interests of the countries where it operates. Instead, for all intents and purposes, it attempts to buy influence. This might have been believable in the innocent days of the 90’s, when much of the world still believed that the USA was interested in advancing the betterment of all mankind, but things have changed. The world has grown up, and it’s seen that the USA is bent on a path of world domination, and it’s willing to do everything and anything to advance its selfish imperialistic interests. If we take off the rose-colored-glasses and look at USAID for what it really is and accept the self-admitted pretext that American financial aid is tied to the advancement of American interests, then, USAID becomes another animal entirely, a world apart from the image it attempts to portray as a guardian of humanity and democracy. For what it truly and really is, when you take away the propaganda and the spin, is a US tool to undermine, coerce, usurp and force countries to bend to the American will.

The tentacles of USAID are vast and far-reaching, are everywhere, and encompass everything from day-care centres to the largest private banking institutions. No part of Russian society has been immune from its penetration; there isn’t an area that hasn’t been “touched” in some way by USAID’s 2.6 billion dollar (81.6 billion Roubles. 2 billion Euros. 1.6 billion UK Pounds) hand. That’s right folks, 2,600,000,000.00 USD; let’s respect that number by printing out all the zeros. 2.6 billion USD… that’s a very healthy investment. It was an investment, for the American Government wouldn’t spend that kind of money if there were no strings attached. They hoped to use those “strings” to manipulate Russia and countries worldwide, to make them pliable, and to make them amenable to American interests. In the recent past, at last, the USA officially stated and admitted that American financial assistance and aid is tied to advancing American interests.

Back in the 1990s, when the American government was more transparent and it was possible to gain information about the inner workings of the government, it was common knowledge that USAID was under the CIA in the budgetary hierarchy. The CIA was under the DCI, the Director of Central Intelligence, as was the US State Department. Is an organisation that advances American interests and funded by the American intelligence apparat, which strives to gain access to critical infrastructure and the most vulnerable segments of civil society under the pretext of “advancing and assisting” the societies of the target countries, something that the world’s states really want operating on their territories? Russia’s expulsion of USAID should be a wake-up call for all countries that allowed it to sink its hooks into their countries. Slowly, Russia’s waking up; it realises that an enemy, not a friend, wants to surround us with missiles, to dictate to us whom our enemies should be, whom our friends should be, and whom our rulers should be. The USA is an enemy that supports those who divide society, blaspheme our religion, and undermine our government and our elected leaders.

Since 1992, USAID has funded NGOs such as the Moscow Helsinki Group, which was used as a cover for MI-6, which refused to register its source of income and as a “foreign agent” with the Russian government, Transparency International’s Russian branch, an NGO which has consistently denigrated and demonised Russia, the Golos NGO which has directly meddled in Russian elections and attempted to sow doubt as to the legitimacy of power in the Russian Federation as well as other groups and NGOs which have done little to actually strengthen and improve Russian society but which have allowed thousands of Western “operatives” to operate unhindered and advance their own agendas. USAID has a long history of funding groups all over the world that have brought about “colour revolutions” (the current American Ambassador to Russia’s specialty), bringing about régime change and the fall of governments all over the world. Their meddling in Latin America is clear and widespread, and examples of such are easy to find by anyone with an internet connection.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs not only told USAID to end its operations by 1 October, but to recall more than a dozen American diplomats working in Russia for USAID. Statements by American officials are unapologetic, they don’t deny the accusations, and are almost a direct admission to meddling, which they, for the most part, say would continue. Senior American officials issued statements such as this one from a senior American official in Moscow, “Washington will look for new ways to achieve their ends” and US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland’s statement, “Our diplomats look forward to continuing… cooperation with Russian non-governmental organizations”. As if to underline their wish to undermine the legitimacy of the government of Russia, and in a shameful parting shot, USAID issued an ignominious statement saying they’d funded some “unspecified” activities of the United Russia party, prompting the head of the United Russia faction in the RF Gosduma, Andrei Vorobyov, to say, “This is crafty/sly information. No funds from this organisation have been received, and no agreements were signed with it”.

Countries worldwide… beware and take heed, you may have allowed a Trojan horse into your country, and they may be next door, waiting for the right moment to attack.

25 September 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

American meddling in the Russian religious scene is well-documented. US Embassy officials meet with schismatic “Orthodox” such as the late Valentin Rusantsov, and they confab with Uniate impostors… do they fund them? There’s no open proof of that, but since these named groups don’t have much of a following in Russia, it’s clear that the State Department/Langley front them the money that they need to operate. Portal-credo.ru is a “fellow traveller”… this website pumps up Uniates and schismatics as being equivalent to Real Orthodox (most Russians believe it to be a CIA front like the BBG (where Potapov work/ed)). Note well that Lyonyo has links to this questionable website through one Svetlana Vais, who’s labelled as a parishioner of the OCA Chancery chapel in Syosset.

There are deep ties to Langley in both the OCA and ROCOR First Families, through connections in the Rodzianko clan. ADS got a gig on Radio Liberty via Basil Rodzianko… and Victor Potapov married into the Rodzianko clan, which facilitated his hiring by Langley through its BBG front. Alexander Lebedeff admitted that Jordanville took Langley’s shilling… “We were grateful for it”, he posted on the Indiana List. Jordanville, for its part, fibbed about its ties to a fictive “catacomb church”, so, one wonders who used whom (probably, both… in ways that the other didn’t suspect). ADS was persona non grata in Moscow due to his Langley ties, the story on the Schememann hagiography website that he refused to go to Russia is pure moonshine and bullshit. As a Russian friend of mine said, “Do you invite a rattlesnake into your house?” Lyonyo also has ties to Rodzianko’s cabal (which got him into the CFR), as did Tikhon Fitrzgerald (who had a gig at the World Bank at one time). One wonders if the feud between Lyonyo and Fitzgerald started then, as a competition for Rodzianko’s clout.

Some of my Russian sources insist that SVS took Langley’s gelt, too… I have no proof, though, but all my Russian friends are adamant… SVS took NO KGB money. That means that the rumours circulating at the time were only half true… that is, people believed that Langley was bankrolling Jordanville and that the KGB was funding SVS. Surprise, it may be that Langley was playing a complex game and supported both SVS and Jordanville, with Rodzianko and (later) Potapov as the fixers and middlemen (one wonders how much “stuck” to their fingers… perspirin’ minds wanna know).

Note well that all of this hanky-panky went on during the Church War… that is, when there was supposedly this big brouhaha between the OCA and the ROCOR, they were confabbing openly at Potapov’s parish in the District, and they all worked together for Langley. That is, the First Families had their own fish to fry, and to hell with the institutions and the believers. It’s still going on today… but is the party going to end? I haven’t the foggiest notion, but the London Conference and Parma Sobor haven’t happened yet. After both, we’ll all have a better idea.

There just might be a tectonic shift…



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