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Sunday, 30 September 2012

30 September 2012. Jillion’s Account on oca.org of Metropolitan Council Meeting Chock Fulla Shit


Got this from a Cabinet member:

There was a lot of tension and arguing about JP and the budget, amongst other things. Dr Dimitri Solodow, who’s a crony of Vinnie Peterson, had an argument with Jillions and quit. Valerie Ringa and Michael Dahulich argued over tithing. Buzz is that the Diocese of the West wants to keep Vinnie as Bishop, but will back Tikhon Mollard for the white hat, because he’s seen as weak and would be Vinnie’s puppet. St Vlad’s now backing Golitzin, as is Lyonyo. Moriak’s in limbo until after Parma Sobor.

In short, Tosi’s sweetness and light posted on oca.org was a mendacious malodorous pile of shit… as per usual. There are three serious contenders for real power, two of whom are downright evil and nasty:

  • Vinnie Peterson… anyone who’d vote for this slinking two-faced HOOMie enabler is a boob. Herman was right… this jabronie deserved le sabot.
  • Michael Dahulich… a two-faced student of the Jesuits… perhaps, the most dangerous of the lot. He’d betray us to the Greeks and papists. He’s creepy to talk to; he doesn’t look at one, and it’s obvious that he isn’t listening to you.
  • Mel Pleska… he ain’t perfect, but he ain’t Vinnie or Mike. He’s the only member of the Holy Synod with REAL monastic formation.

Peterson’s a convert and Dahulich’s a “foreigner”… Gollitzyn’s green as grass and Tikhon Mollard’s a weak sister who’d capitulate to whoever was last in his presence. Maymon and Moriak are jokes, Nikon Liolin’s too sick, and JP is spoilt goods.

Lovely, ain’t it? One can see why Mark Stokoe doesn’t want to chronicle this. I don’t much care for it either, but such is one’s duty. In short, the MC meeting was a fiasco. By the way, the single blurb on oca.org was unprofessional and not timely. You do it the way the Centre does it… you release the news on the day that it’s made. The Centre ain’t perfect by a long shot (there are the Kapalin brothers, after all), but communications is one of the things that they do well.

Tithing is a no-go, incidentally. It sets up a two-tier membership that’s utterly at odds with what Christ’s Real Church is all about. Let’s keep it in the hands of the slobberin’ Evangelical Me n’ Jayzuss phonies, where it belongs. It would bring nothing but BAD to the Church, in all caps and underlined. It’d be prelest marching into the sanctuary in Size 12s, looking for trouble and finding it.

Pass the jug… l’condition humaine hasn’t changed. I, for one, will be glad when the slo-mo seppuku of the OCA’s finally over. I won’t be alone.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 30 September 2012

Albany NY 

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