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Monday, 8 October 2012

8 October 2012. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up… Is This a Typo? Tosi’s Demanding Fifty Bucks a Head for RETIRED Clergy at the Parma Sobor Dinner

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Here’s Tosi, grabbing the retired priest’s pittance… what a loser!


This has to be seen to be believed. I had to look at it twice… I know that Tosi’s an arrogant SOB and a known… ahem… “stretcher” of the truth, but this is LOW. Click here to read it. Look for the fee for “retired clergy and observers”. For those of you who want to see it right away:

The dinner will be open to all registered clergy and lay delegates, registered retired clergy, and registered observers.  There is no fee for clergy and lay delegates, although there is a $50.00 (1,560 Roubles. 38 Euros. 31 UK Pounds) fee for retired clergy and observers.

Let’s repeat that… Tosi wants to charge RETIRED priests, on fixed incomes, fifty bucks a throw for nasty-ass rubber chicken… they won’t even get a drink out of the deal. This is brass balls, kids… to charge RETIRED priests that amount is sinful. Who do they think that they are? You’d think that they’d say, “Retired priests will eat free, as honoured guests of the Sobor“. That’s NOT the old-time down-home po-nashemu way… Bishop Job’s looking down from Heaven and he’s mad as hell. I always knew that this lot was crook and nasty… but this? There’s nothing left to say…

They call themselves Christians, gang, they truly do…



8 October 2012. It’s a Joke, Son… A Goof Sent to Me by a Cabinet Member


Yes, you too can get one of these certificates suitable for framing. They’re only ten bucks. My contact got it by sending away in response to an ad in a comic book. They also have a “Doctor of Divinity” certificate too… that costs ten bucks, as well. Wait a minute… are you thinking what I’m thinking? Is that how Dickie Wood got his Kanditura in one year? Ten bucks and a box top? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Check out the cannabis sativa leaf on the seal… “No stems, no seeds that you don’t need, JP’s smokin’ some bad-ass weed”.


8 October 2012. More Konvertsy Lunacy from the Monomuckos Crowd… HO HUM


Click here for the latest tirade from the konvertsy claque. Let’s put it in a sentence… this jabronie is saying that there’s bad blood between Atty and Dahulich at St T‘s. All that I’ll say is that Dahulich was let go suspiciously quickly by the ACROD. Oh, yes… who was negligent in the appointment of Dahulich and Moriak (for those are the two bishops implied in the post)? FATHAUSEN. Who brought in the disobedient POS Maymon? FATHAUSEN. Ergo, this schmidiot can’t even frame a good argument, for the facts show that Fathausen’s an idiot who pumped up three crank candidates for the episcopate. Oh, well… were you expecting coherency from that lot?

To say that these people are only tenuously grounded in reality is an understatement. If you wish, read this wearisome shit. I’d say, don’t waste your time… obviously, it comes from the hand of a hyperclericalist former HOOMie cultist. JP can do no wrong, the accusations are all lies, the Holy Synod is full of lying scumbags, et cetera, so forth, ad infinitum… HO HUM. If you needed a reason as to why we need to relieve ourselves of these shitbirds, just follow the link and read the rant. We simply need to go home and dismantle the beached hulk of the OCA. If these self-centred brats want to stay behind, so be it. We can’t save the world. However, I warn all of you, it’s going to get MORE confusing before it’s all over. God do help us all…


8 October 2012. Oddbod Nuns in Maryland Supposedly Under Georgia… NOT a Good Sign


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

The story now is that the DC Nuns and their “Monastery” were accepted into the Georgian Orthodox Church, thus fully restoring them canonically.

Interesting, if true. However, don’t forget, the late Georgian election didn’t make for a turnaround in Georgian policy towards Russia. Saakashvili had become an embarrassment to Langley, so, they put up an oligarch stooge to oppose him. I looked at the Russian news, and, sure enough, there was an important name missing from Ivanishvili‘s cabinet. Nino Burdzhanadze isn’t in the cabinet… that means that Ivanishvili is nothing but an American lickspittle, worse than Saakashvili was (no lie… the prick has French citizenship, dontcha know).

This means that the Georgian Church is becoming like the Phanar, an obsequious and obedient Stepin Fetchit for Langley. It’d explain how Fathausen got his hands on the money that he spent like a horny sailor in a jeepney on liberty in Po City. It’s a replay of the Cold War years, when Langley backed both Jordanville and SVS at the same bloody time (with Rodzianko and Potapov sticking in their thumbs and pulling out more than one plum, “Oh, what good boys are we!”).

It’s farcical, isn’t it? Yet, look at the GOOD side… it won’t endear Fathausen (who’s called “Johnnie” by a certain well-known son of a certain well-known priest) to Hilarion Kapral, that’s for certain… it’ll also piss off a bishop or two on the OCA Holy Synod. This wasn’t the brightest move in creation, but since when has JP been either prudent or insightful? He’s playing entirely according to character…

Give me the jug… it’s getting loonier by the day…


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