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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

9 October 2012. Monomuckos Nutters Stick Both Feet Full Force Into a Malodorous Cow Pat… How Long Will IT Take the OCA Holy Synod to Sue the Owner?

THIS is what Mel Pleska and HH think of El Gordo… they ain’t happy campers, and the subdeacons off-camera in this shot were smirking  because they know that the Big Kahuna was unhappy and they know that Fathausen was going to get the Italian Stallion after liturgy… another normal day at the Centre…


Click here for the latest idiocy from the Monomuckos pinheads. A lawyer friend of mine was succinct on the matter… “They can be sued. Big Time. For Big Bucks”. They’re not very bright at Monomuckos, but this takes the cake. They needed the permission of all the parties involved to post, and they didn’t get that (especially as it was documentation entered into a probable legal matter). I’ve had similar stuff in my hands but I knew that I couldn’t use it “as is”… I’d ask for confirmation and vetting, and write it up as a news story, not as a posting of an actual transcript.

As I say, STOOPID… in the extreme. They kicked Jillions and Lyonyo in the nuts in public; that’ll come back to haunt them. I’ve had people send me photos of Jillions, Lyonyo, and others in the Syosset Cabal, but like all real journalists, I know the difference between a real news story and an invasion of privacy. If it’s a picture of Sulich the computer geek having a friendly brew in the Chancery, that’s private, that ain’t news. If I get a photo of Dickie Wood, I can use it, but I have to photoshop out any “private people” in the snap to preserve their privacy. A photo of a private party of the Jillions family is radioactive, it’s verboten, it’s peering over the transom. Monomuckos is playing with hand grenades with the pins pulled out… they better have a good lawyer.

We fight hard here, but we fight FAIR. I refuse to misuse anything sent to me… and I refuse to air totally-private matters. Above all, I’m not going to do dumb-as-dirt shit like this. There’s such a thing as the Law of Unintended Consequence, which these cretinish jabronies have ignored. Now, they’ve started the ball rolling… it’ll go where it wills. I predict that they’ll end by sinking Fathausen & Co. If Moriak goes, he’ll do his damnedest to bring down JP, Maymon, Dahulich, and Golitzyn with him… they all have “dirty laundry”. Look at the image posted above. It’s what HH and Mel Pleska think of JP… it was in public, no less, and posted on the main MP website. This is utterly too much of a muchness. I think that Lyonyo is a POS, but it doesn’t allow me to cross well-known limits. I think that Jillions is a looney-tunes traitor who kisses the Pope of Rome‘s arse, but the same applies to him, too.

These people deserve to be strung up by the kahootchies and left to swing in the wind for sheer stupidity. They’ve opened up a box of shit that was best left locked… if they wanted to save Fathausen, that is. The Crazy Church Lady does know better than that…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Albany NY 


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