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Monday, 15 October 2012

15 October 2012. Vox Pop on the Church Situation…


One of the Cabinet sent this:

I’ve mentally checked out of the OCA. I never really subscribed to the bullshit about an “American Church”. I just want us to go home to Russia. It’s interesting to consider how much house cleaning would occur here in the former OCA if that happened. Frankly, I don’t hear much about the “American Orthodox Church” in my parish unless it’s from a few old codgers. The Moriak crap has just put me over the edge. I’m staying in the OCA because I’m staying in my parish, at least for the time being… decent priest, lovely people. There’s a Russian parish close enough, if it comes to that. I’m paying attention to events, but I rarely stir from my parish.

If anyone knows about the content of the Moriak texts in my parish, no one’s talking about it. Frankly, people have better things to do… like living their lives… rather than following the latest scandal. Hell, my state of mind is better if I’m not following everything closely. However, it’s like a car wreck on the highway, with delays from people rubber-necking to see what happened. “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespeare, Hamlet)… what’s so institutionally wrong with the OCA that, time after time, they’ve chosen crappy bishops? Vladyki Job wasn’t perfect, none of us is, but he stood head and shoulders above the current crop.

On another topic, I received the Everyday Saints book recently and have begun reading it. The monks described so far are certainly characters! Regardless of what you can say about the author, he certainly is an interesting storyteller.

There’s been interesting back n’ forth on Atty:

He’s done some good renovations, etc, but he’s apparently pushy and overbearing. Seminarians don’t have to stay there on weekends like they used to and he doesn’t either. His wife sings in Mayfield because she likes Slavic music, not the whiney crap the convert seminary director pushes.

On the other hand, I got this:

I know this for a FACT. Fr Atty’s a wonderful man, a real priest. He’s called it as he’s seen it at STS and the vipers hate him for it. He stands openly and unabashedly for the truth. That speaks volumes…  and makes the cockroaches run from the Light.

I’ve never taken a position one way or the other on Atty personally; I’ve only reported what’s out there concerning him. Members of the Cabinet are all over the map concerning him. You pays your money and you takes your choice. On a lighter note, one of the Cabinet contributed on Wet Willy:

“Mormonia”… they combined the former states of Catatonia and Polygamiland to form it, didn’t they?  Capital is Grain-of-Salt City? All the women wear beehive hairdos and the men wear funny underwear? I seem to remember spending a few years there back in May of ’98. The kids either buy burgers at the sign of the Golden Tablets or eat lots of Moroni-and-cheese.

Then, there was a little give n’ take on this:

Only it’s “I will give YOU rest”. Plural. I hope you can change that. 😉

“Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”

The Gospel according to St Matthew 11.28

I’m sensitive to this because after always using the KJV, the half-converted and Renovationists want to abandon that version totally. THE English version… the only one that received help from the Orthodox during its translation, as Patriarch Kirill Loukaris sent King James‘ men an ancient copy of the Received Text to help them out. While we DO also use the RSV, Evangelicals have always hated that version (because it’s a critical text translation, i.e. scholarly) so that’s not good enough either. I see them using the NIV or similar versions. Ugh.

I replied:

That was deliberate… it was meant to be “personal”… that is, Christ gives all of us, individually, rest. Note that I didn’t “cite chapter and verse”. That’s OK… you didn’t know my intent.

NEVER assume bad intent on the part of one’s interlocutors. NEVER. It’s why I treasure the Cabinet so… I know that there are “eyes out there”… it keeps me honest. Remember, things are going to get murkier in the near term… believe nothing that you don’t see or that reliable people see. It’ll have a good end, I’m sure, but the trick is in getting there…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 15 October 2012

Albany NY


EU Considers Belarus Sanctions Extension

This is the REAL reason for EU sanctions


On Monday, foreign ministers of 27 EU countries will meet in Luxembourg to consider extending sanctions on Belarus by one year over human rights abuses, lack of legitimacy, and failure to respect democratic principles. On 24 September, the day after the parliamentary elections in Belarus, Maja Kocjančič, a spokesman for EU High Representative Catherine Ashton, said, “The Foreign Affairs Council will hold a broader debate on Belarus, on 15 October, when sanctions will come under review”. Likely, it’ll add new companies and individuals to the list of some 270 Belarusian entities and people already blacklisted.

The last time sanctions were renewed, on 23 March, they were targeted at those Belarusian individuals, organisations, and companies “benefiting from and supporting the régime”, and according to the EU, infringing human rights. Belarus has been subject to EU sanctions since 1996, two years after Lukashenko became president, although they were temporarily suspended in 1999 and 2008. The West accuses the Belarusian authorities of persecuting the political opposition and the denial of basic rights and freedoms, in particular freedom of expression. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko maintains that pressure on Minsk is pointless; he said he hopes the EU will try to regain its credibility as a serious partner and a good neighbour.

Belarusian-EU relations worsened in late February when the EU expanded its sanctions against Belarus over its alleged human rights violations, after which Minsk ordered the Polish and EU ambassadors to leave the country. All EU ambassadors were withdrawn in response. In late March, the EU further expanded the list of Belarusian officials and companies covered by the sanctions. In July, relations worsened further after Belarus expelled Swedish Ambassador Stefan Eriksson in August over an incident in which a Swedish light aircraft dropped hundreds of teddy bears bearing pro-democracy slogans over Belarus. The EU also criticised the September parliamentary elections in Belarus, which according to Brussels, failed to meet international democratic standards. Pro-Lukashenko candidates won all 110 seats to the country’s parliament, the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

Editor’s Note:

To use the above standard, that one imposes sanctions if there are “human rights abuses, lack of legitimacy, and failure to respect democratic principles”, then, the EU has to break all ties with the USA, as its the leading warmonger on the planet, the Bushies ran torture facilities in Eastern Europe, democracy in the Southern USA is a joke, and GWB stole the 2000 election in a blatant power grab (hanging chads, anyone?).

The EU should election monitors to Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi to forestall Good Ol’ Boy corruption. I observe that the most violent, corrupt, and dishonest states in the USA have large Born Again sectarian fanatic populations. If you use the standard, “by their fruits ye shall know them”, then, that doesn’t speak well of minimalist evangelicalism, does it? The union of gun nutters and Born Again wackos is well-known. That speaks volumes of the konvertsy who wish to ally us with such godless sludge, doesn’t it?



Russian Railways Completes Iranian Project


In a statement on Monday, Russian Railways said that it completed an electrification project on the TabrizAzarshahr railway in Iran. Forty-six kilometres of railway line and five railway stations in northwest Iran were electrified under a joint Russian-Iranian railroad project, which started four years ago. The new infrastructure is designed to transport students of the Pedagogical University of Azarshahr. Due to electrification, fuel consumption would see a significant reduction and passenger comfort would increase. IRNA reported that Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways, said at the opening ceremony of the railway project that it was a starting point for further bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

15 October 2012



Editor’s Note:

Iran is NOT isolated… this proves it. Ergo, Wet Willy and Bibi the Bobo are liars. Iran’s not going to be attacked any time soon or any time later. Willy’s not overly bright is he? He’s a textbook example of an “empty suit stuffed with cash”… and he’ll find that he won’t be able to “buy” the election… fancy that…



Lithuanian Left Leads in Parliamentary Election


On Monday, the Lithuanian Central Electoral Commission said that leftist opposition parties were leading in the parliamentary election after it counted over 50 percent of the ballots. The populist left-wing Labour Party of controversial Russian-born ex-minister and businessman Viktor Uspaskich leads with 24.48 percent of the vote, followed by the centre-left Social Democrats of Algirdas Butkevicius with 19.49 percent. The country’s ruling centre-right coalition led by Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius only won 11.63 percent of the vote so far.

The Kubilius government took office at the end of 2008 amidst the global financial and economic crisis, which forced it to raise taxes and cut spending to stave off the tiny Baltic nation’s default on its debts. Lithuania was able to weather the economic and financial meltdown, but living standards fell sharply since then, making Lithuanians weary of belt-tightening policies. The commission’s expected to announce the preliminary results of the elections by Monday night, with the official results due on 4 November.

15 October 2012



Editor’s Note:

The trend this year, internationally, is LEFT. Wet Willy’s a Chicken Hawk scumbag liar and tax cheat… but the American media knows who signs its pay-cheque, hence, the fawning coverage of the Republicans. There aren’t enough Born-Again sectarian fanatics (including Mormons) to elect Willy, and that’s that. People are tired of the same old lies and of the One Percent trampling them for funsies and profit. That’s a fact… but as it upsets the rich, the media doesn’t report it. That’s that, too. I’ll tell you what, we just got a raise after the company refused one for six years… the word is that the minimum wage is going up after the Prez wins the election. The company doesn’t want the wage to be at bare minimum (the figure bruited about is nine bucks an hour). If Willy were going to win, trust me, we wouldn’t be getting a raise. It ain’t over yet, but Willy has NO chance… thank God for that…



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