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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

17 October 2012. Mark Stokoe Smokin’ Wacky Tabaccky… Interviewed by Crank Non-Journalist Svetlana Vais… Posted on OCL Nutter Website


Click here for Mark Stokoe’s rant. I’m not going to refute it point-by-point… it doesn’t deserve it. However, read it, and realise that none of what Mark says is true. Fathausen was no favourite of the Centre. If any of the present OCA bishops have the Centre’s nod, it’s Bishop Mel. “We’re a City on a Hill”… that’s utter bullshit… I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge. This isn’t worth tearing apart, but please do read it. Mark truly believes this shit, he really and truly does (no lie). Apparently,  he has no wish of being rescued. If he wishes to sink with the ship, there’s nothing that the rest of us can do of it.

By the way… Svetlana Vais is NOT a legit journalist… she’s tied in with that crank Portal-Credo.ru set… the Uniate/Old Ritualist/schismatic lovers. She does NOT work for any of the known Russian media outlets such as RIA-Novosti, Pervy KanalInterfax, VOR, ITAR-TASS, RT, MK, or KP… she’s an oddbod freelancer (like Mark himself). I have NEVER seen her name in a byline in the real Russian media. Besides, this rant was published on the website of OCL… a fringe group outside of the mainstream, it’s Greek Orthodox, not Russian Orthodox (there’s quite a difference, trust me), which means that no Russian Orthodox outlet wanted to touch this rancid material. OCL is NOT approved by ANY of the archdioceses in the USA… it’s a rebel group of the Affluent Effluent who wish to short-circuit the bishops and usurp power in the Church, a nasty bunch all ’round.

This is dodgy stuff… but be informed. Read it, and realise that Mark believes it all. He’s seen his dream implode, so he ignores reality. I hope that he comes to his senses, but don’t hold your breath waiting for him, he’s not going to listen to any of us. He wouldn’t listen to God Himself either, so don’t get pissed off at him. He’s just a pitiful True Believer without a Dream… that’s sad.




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