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Thursday, 18 October 2012

18 October 2012. My Musing on the Present London Conference


ROCOR‘s going to cease to exist as an independent body… but the ROCOR will still live. It’s very much, “The King is dead; long live the King!” In short, the awkward transition will end. The ROCOR’s legal framework (if nothing else) is well-worth salvaging. However, the ROCOR that stabbed the Rodina in the back in ’91 WILL cease to exist, although we’ll still have to deal with some hardhead rightwing remnants. For instance, the Centre will leave Potapov alone until retirement, then, it’ll make certain that no new priest works for the American special services. ROCOR will be nothing more than what its name implies… the parishes of the MP outside of the territory of the former USSR. There’ll be no more Vitaly Ustinovs… God willing, we’ll see Psaryov and Larina brought to heel. Yes, the ROCOR will live… but it’ll no longer be the “Jordanville” Church… I think that you know what I mean.

I sense that the Centre has settled on the ROCOR as its vehicle for uniting the diaspora. This isn’t the ROCOR of pre-2007, nor is it the present ROCOR (a very transitional body, indeed). Mind you, the “new” ROCOR will build on the positive achievements of Antony Khrapovitsky, Anastasy Gribanovsky, and Philaret Voznesensky. It’ll also draw on solid Metropolia legacies from Leonty Turkevich and Iriney Bekish. It’ll reject all that was wrong, especially the crook legacies of Vitaly Ustinov and Aleksandr Schmemann (and his puppeteer Meyendorff).

That is, the ROCOR that’s “aborning” is going to be a big-tent church with a wide sweep, not a small band of unsmiling zealots. No, it won’t be “daddy’s ROCOR”… that’s why it’s going to attract all decent Russian Orthodox Christians in the diaspora. We’ll all join because we want to… not because we’re going to be forced to. Watch for Mark Golovkov to get a white hat and be the effectual leader of the ROCOR (Hilarion Kapral will remain in Australasia and remain First Hierarch until his death).

This is going to be an exciting event, if the Centre can pull it off… I, for one, pray that it does.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 18 October 2012

Albany NY


“Nauseating” to “Intense”: American Media Swells with Debate Reaction

This requires no comment from me… it’s why no decent person can vote for Willard Romney… full stop…


For some, it was a “nauseating” pseudo-clash of wonky compassionless political automatons. For others, it was an “intense” and substantial clash on live TV of competing ideologies and visions for the immediate future of the USA. Whatever the perspective, on Wednesday, the American media was bursting with a torrent of opinions, assessments, and solemn pronouncements on the performances of Democrat President Barack Obama and his Republican rival for the White House, Mitt Romney, in their latest public debate. Here is a sampling of some of the best comments (and links to the full article) on online American media following Tuesday’s debate:

  • The headline in an article on the Forbes website moaned, “Romney vs Obama Was a Nauseating Draw, and Both Deserve to Lose”.
  • A television news anchor on CBS exclaimed, “We’ve never seen anything like that in presidential history. It was the most rancorous presidential debate ever”.
  • An opinion piece in the conservative Washington Times charged, “Another debate, another débâcle for America’s media”.
  • The New York Times stated in a report summarising the debate, “The exchanges were intense and personal”.
  • A pro-Obama analysis published on the Huffington Post website explained, “The result is a race that’s at once clearer and just as uncertain”.
  • The headline over a news story published on The Wall Street Journal website blared, “Candidates Tangle in Fractious Debate”.
  • Josh Gerstein, White House reporter for the Politico website, opined in an interview on Washington’s WTOP radio, “If it was a draw, I think the draw in this case goes to the president, because the onus was really on him to come out of his gate strong here, which he did”.
  • Using a term from baseball to describe when the batter takes a big swing and fails to connect with the ball, in a story labelled “analysis” on its website CNN asserted, “Romney Whiffs on Some Easy Pitches”.
  • Ron Fournier, veteran White House correspondent, complained in an article published by the National Journal, “Bottom line: Obama and Romney scored points while turning off independent voters with their point-scoring”.
  • Dave McConnell, congressional correspondent for WTOP radio, asserted, “President Obama came back big-time from the way he was a week ago”.

17 October 2012



18 October 2012. A Whisper on the London Conference…

“Like I wuz sayin’… where’d I hear it? I heard through the grapevine, bro…”


I heard this through the grapevine:

20 out of 23 diaspora bishops are showing up. Even if nothing happens, a lot will happen because views are going to be made clear despite the Blunder, who has no business there, and is only there to backstab Mark Golovkov (HH‘s relative, remember?).

In short, the meeting’s taking place, but no official news has come out as of yet. Let’s lay back and wait…


18 October 2012. Pihach to Go on “Pastoral Visitation” to OCA Representation at the Centre


Supposedly, Jillions is claiming that a Fr Pihach is being sent to Moscow on a “pastoral visitation”. The rumbling out there is saying that Lyonyo wants to send him to the Centre to replace Dickie Wood. No one told me anything further, but my gut instinct and good-sense warns me that if this Pihach is the same one that has information on the Storheim affair, the Canadian court had best not let him leave the country. This smells to high heaven of Lyonyo trying to pull a fast one… and don’t go after anyone, Lyonyo… this is my deduction, based on my informed “reading” of the spoor on the trail. No one told me “jack shit”. If I were the Crown Attorney, I’d not let the bastard leave at all… the Blunder and his set of greasy eunuchs at Bolshaya Ordynka would protect this POS, and the Canadians would be stewed, screwed, and tattooed. I know that the Crown could get a court order… they should… Lyonyo NEVER plays with a full deck and he invariably deals from the bottom of the pack. Puhalo cooperates with him, for he must. His chequered and oddbod past holds him in thrall to Lyonyo, Jillions, and Behr.

It’s a rum go, all the way ’round… pass me the jug… this is particularly rancid. I do hope that the Winnipeg magistrate gets off his arse tout suite, for if they don’t, they’ll miss the bus… and miss it permanently. Remember Eric Iliff…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 18 October 2012

Albany NY


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