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Friday, 19 October 2012

19 October 2012. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… This is What Fathausen Wanted to Ally the Church With

Bread During the War

Andrei Drozdov



Keep this picture in mind as you ponder your choices… it’s what our people went through… do you want to stand with the cabal who want to do this to us again, in the name of “democracy” and “humanitarian intervention?” That IS the choice…


I’ll give you the beginning of this trashy propaganda by one Ariel Cohen:

As the Russian punk-rock band members “Pussy Riot” appeal their two-year sentence for a political protest in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, a pale of repression is settling over their country. This crackdown is wrapped in legislative garb, but the iron grip of authoritarianism is unmistakable. The USA must specifically recognize that its “reset” policy of “see no evil, hear no evil,” has contributed to the trampling of human rights in Russia. Putin’s tightening of the screws is a part of a broader pattern, which includes a return to a confrontation with the United States and NATO.

If you wish to read the rest of this lying rot, click here. Note the words in bold type… this overeducated cretin doesn’t know the difference between “pale” and “pall”… the latter fits, the former is meaningless goo. None of this is true. The USA has a larger number of prisoners than Russia does, both in absolute number and in percentage terms (the USA is the Prison House of all the Nations, with states like Texas and Arizona being particularly brutal and nasty in their treatment of prisoners). US presidential candidate Jill Stein, of the Green Party, was arrested by the police, as she wished to take part in the debate at Hofstra University (if you’re wondering, the Green Party is an international movement found in over 90 countries; it’s been part of the government in Germany, for instance). The USA tortured prisoners at secret sites in Romania, Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine (and those are only those that we know about). The USA fomented the war against South Ossetia in 2008 (American English was heard on the battlefield by reputable Russian soldiers). President Putin served his country honourably as a KGB counterintelligence officer… Willard Romney is a gutless and shit-spattered coward who had his corporate daddy buy him a bogus “clergy” deferment. American drones routinely kill civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan (it’s only “collateral damage“… they’re only wogs, anyway).

In short, for everything that one can dig up on Russia and Vladimir Putin, you can dig up ten things on the USA and its oligarch thugocracy. Russia is NOT invading other countries. Russia is NOT holding foreign nationals without charges in a third country. Russia is NOT torturing prisoners in foreign black sites. Russia is NOT killing civilians in indiscriminate drone attacks. Russia did NOT support a client who fired Grad rockets at sleeping civilians (in the 2008 South Ossetia War, the sneak bombardment of Tskhinval at the outbreak). You do see the point…

Reflect on this. Fathausen supports this shit. Potapov supports this shit. Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, Lyonyo, and Jillions all support this shit. The same is true of Freddie M-G, Mark Stokoe, Terrence Mattingly, and Rod Dreher. We have a choice coming up. We can stand with these people and their hated of the Orthosphere, or, we can stand with the Centre. It’s up to you. I can’t decide for you… but I WILL say this… if you stand against the Centre, you’ll find that you’ll lose Christ, too. That’s serious… do think it through well before taking a decision. I have…




19 October 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Cyber-Bonds Attack… and Protect

Cyber-Bonds Attack… and Protect

Sergei Yolkin



The RIA-Novosti translator gets a Big Green Weenie Award for messing up the translation on this. They totally omitted Yolkin’s play on James Bond in the title and in the text… that’s the heart of the piece! They’re obviously someone not familiar with English-language pop culture. BOO! They also missed the complex play on “Cops Protect and Serve”, which Yolkin morphed into “Cyber-Bonds Attack… and Protect”.


The British special services announced that they’re training a group of “Generation Xbox” teenage computer gamers in fighting cybercrime and internet spying. According to Foreign Secretary William Hague, the British special services will recruit up to 100 young computer wonks.

19 October 2012

Sergei Yolkin



Patriarch Torkom Manoogian of Jerusalem Passes Away


According to the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the St James Brotherhood, Patriarch Torkom Manoogian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, passed away on the morning of 12 October. Patriarch Manoogian was born in 1919 in Baquba in the Mesopotamian desert to genocide survivors from Van. In 1931, he enrolled in the Armenian Theological Seminary of Jerusalem and was ordained a celibate priest in 1939. He held many posts, including dean of the Armenian Theological Seminary, and was for many years the choir master of the St James Cathedral and the parish priest in Haifa. In 1946, he left for New York for theological studies and founded the Armenian Society of Choirs. The patriarch was an accomplished writer and musician, and had dozens of studies and publications. He served as ruling bishop of the Armenian Church in America’s Eastern Diocese in New York. In 1990, he became the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem; he served in this capacity until his passing. The Armenian Patriarchate’s jurisdiction extends over Armenian communities in Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. It is one of the three custodians of the Holy Sites in the Holy Land.

On 15 October, Nagorno-Karabakh President Bako Sahakyan sent his condolences to Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos Karekin Nersessian of all Armenians. Sahakyan wrote, “Patriarch Manoogian contributed greatly to fortifying the Armenian Apostolic Church, strengthening the Christian faith, as well as developing interchurch relations. He also made valuable contributions in preserving the Armenian national identity, maintaining the motherland-diaspora ties, promoting international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, and the fair representation of the Artsakh issue”.

 18 October 2012

Armenian Weekly


Editor’s Note:

Patriarch Torkom was a very familiar and much-loved figure in the New York City Orthosphere. Everyone knew who he was, and everyone respected him. He was the Armenian bishop in the City from 1966 to 1990… he was a FIXTURE, kids. He built St Vartan’s over on 34th and Second on the East Side and he was EVERYWHERE. Do note that oca.org didn’t mark his passing. He was a great friend of the Metropolia/OCA, and he was an honoured guest at the Chancery many times. Jillions could write fluff about this Pihach character, but he couldn’t see to it that the OCA published public condolences for Patriarch Torkom’s passing. They couldn’t even post, “He was a great friend of our Church… we mourn his passing”.

I waited to post on this, hoping that oca.org would “do the right thing”. They didn’t. I’ll say to all Armenians, “All the ordinary Russian people and clergy remember Patriarch Torkom, and we share your grief. Patriarch Torkom had a big heart, a generous soul, and an expansive mind. We’ll all miss him. We bow to you in your time of sadness”… this is what issuing timely “letters of friendship” is all about. God be with you…


Levada Centre Reports that Stalin’s Unpopularity is Only a Third of What it Was Fifteen Years Ago


On Thursday, Lev Gudkov, the director of the Levada Centre, spoke at the conference “History of Stalinism” in St Petersburg, pointing up that the attitude towards the Stalin era in the Russian public consciousness has undergone major changes in the last 25 years. Gudkov presented a report based on the results of a poll conducted in August. The findings indicated that, in 1988, less than 1 percent of the respondents believed that people would remember Stalin as a major figure of the Soviet era in 20 to 30 years. Gudkov observed, “Today, he came in first place on the list of the most important figures of the time according to popular sentiment”. According to the present survey, 48 percent of respondents said that Stalin had a positive role in Russian history, whilst 22 percent thought that he played a negative role. Gudkov emphasised that as late as 1998, 60 percent of those polled had a negative attitude to Stalin.

18 October 2012

KPRF Official Website


Editor’s Note:

If you remember your Orwell, the ideology of Eurasia was “Neo-Bolshevism“. Well, Neo-Bolshevism exists in Russia, today. What is it? It’s the union of Socialist politics with Orthodox religion. The events of the Nasty ’90s drew the Church and Party together. United Russia is nothing but a vehicle for Vladimir Putin, after he leaves the scene, it’s essentially kaput. The only organised political element in Russia is the left… interestingly enough, the KPRF is the most “conservative” of the lot. Neo-Bolshevism shall be MUCH stronger than Bolshevism was… there’s going to be no pointless “war against religion”. The Church will act as the spiritual sheet-anchor of the Party and State… it’ll see to it that there’s no return to repressions. In any case, the Party has learned its lessons, too. However, there’s one thing that the Church and Party are agreed on and see eye-to-eye upon… the present régime of the oligarchs is obscene and demonic, and it must be uprooted before Russia can expand and grow its empire again. Tikhon Shevkunov and the Blunder are atypical… their fawning to the oligarchs isn’t common, thank God. Do note that some of the elements kissing up to the oligarchs are crank (the Blunder and his ilk), but that some are spiritually-sound, such as Shevkunov. This shall require some finesse in rooting out this evil… not all of the crapitalist suck-ups are heretics (although the Blunder is, in spades).

Stalin was no choir boy… but he wasn’t Satan incarnate either. He was a hard man in an iron age, who wasn’t averse to spilling blood. Before you criticise him, do note how easily the West resorted to such methods as area bombing of civilians, the use of nuclear weapons, and the operation of secret torture centres in complaisant countries. There’s a good deal of blame to lay on all comers…


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