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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

23 October 2012. Trouble in Manton. The Official Take on the Matter. Paraphrased from Official Documents


Fr Meletios Webber resigned as Abbot of the Monastery of St John. The stress and internet publicity over the recent turmoil involving monks leaving the monastery led Fr Meletios to conclude that he can no longer serve in the capacity of Abbot at this monastery. Fr Meletios will return to Europe. The monks who left without a blessing won’t be allowed to return without a face-to-face meeting with the bishop.

The recent developments at St John of San Francisco Monastery, Manton CA, include Fr Meletios Webber resigning as abbot of the monastery; he’ll receive a release from the OCA and will return to Europe in the near future. After the departure of six monks from the monastery, six monks now remain. There’s an outstanding balance of approximately 70,000 USD (2.2 million Roubles. 54,000 Euros. 44,000 UK Pounds) in outstanding credit card debt. Additionally, the monastery pays a monthly mortgage in the amount of 5,000 USD (1.57 million Roubles. 38,500 Euros. 31,400 UK Pounds). Due to the departure of the younger monks and the unavailability of the mailing list of benefactors, due to its unauthorised removal from the monastery, the monastic brotherhood is facing significant difficulties in meeting its financial responsibilities. There was a consensus that the OCA Diocese of the West should provide the monastery with financial assistance at this time, in the form of a loan. This loan would pay off the credit card debt and provide for payment of six months of the monastery’s mortgage.





23 October 2012. Monomakhos Wants JP… JP Supported a Child Abuser… What’s Wrong With That Picture?


Monomakhos is all hot n’ bothered about Fathausen. Let’s keep it simple… Fathausen supported the sodomite and child abuser Gleb Podmoshensky. It was so bad that all of the brotherhood left (save for Damascene Christiansen and Gerasim Eliel) Platina and the ROCOR Holy Synod shitcanned Podmoshensky for serving under suspension (Lebedeff admitted that the Synod was glad that it had this pretext, as it was scared to move on the abuse alone). I’ve been able to ascertain that Fathausen was Podmoshensky’s disciple for at least ten years. Fathausen went to Russia under Podmoshensky’s auspices… he was never an employee of the MP, nor was Russky Palomnik ever an official publication of the MP or any other recognised Local Church. Fathausen remained Podmoshensky’s disciple even after the ROCOR Holy Synod deposed him for nasty doings, even after the very public airing of Podmoshensky’s antics. I wonder, just how much of Fathausen’s affluent corporate daddy’s money went to support this pervert and his establishment? In short, Monomakhos wants a known supporter and proven disciple of a sanctioned child abuser and sodomite to “wear the white hat”.

A group on Monomuckos calls itself the “Sons of Job”… then, that must mean that they support Vladyki Job’s compassionate stance towards oikonomia (if they don’t, they’re shit-spattered hypocrites). That is, in particular, it means that they support Bishop Job’s nuanced and pastoral attitude towards homosexuality, as evidenced by his actions towards Mark Stokoe. Everybody knew that Mark was gay… everybody (including me… I’m NOT the best-informed sort out there; I’m only the best-informed sort who talks openly of some matters). Not only that, it was well-known for YEARS. That is, Vladyki Job bloody-well-knew that Mark was gay, so, it must mean that the Sons of Job support Vladyki Job’s Christ-like compassion and forgiveness.


The Sons of Job are the Sons of Belial! They’re phonies… they’re poseurs! They want a witch-hunt of the “pure” (them) against immoral sorts (the rest of us). They get to be the judges and we get to be lunch. Hey… there’s something WRONG with that picture, kids… and, y’know what? These demented toddlers are going to find out that they tangled with the wrong bunch. I want to see them face down the po-nashemu people. Our dedes worked in the mines and mills, our babas waited at the scene of more than one industrial accident. Our dads fought in World War II, our moms raised a good generation… they both passed on baba and dede’s wisdom. We’ve done the same with our kids, to the best of our ability. Let’s face it, a lot of ’em turned out RIGHT… that’s why there’s still an Orthodox Church here. The Monomuckos brats are going to find out what goading a bear leads to… Cookie the Bookie is takin’ bets on how long it’ll take the real people to chase out the phonies… there’s no doubt on the outcome.

The Monomuckos crowd winks at child abuse… therefore, they have no cred. By the way, three of the OCA bishops do “get it” in re child abuse… Tikhon Mollard, Mel Pleska, and Alexander Golitzyn. Ergo, they’re the only three fit for the white hat. I talked with a Serbian priest friend of mine… I asked him if it was true that the Patriarchate of Serbia has a rule that no bishop can be patriarch until he’s been a ruling bishop for at least five years. He said, yes, indeed, I’d gotten it correct. This is a good rule, and it comes from one of the established Local Churches… therefore, there are only TWO fit candidates for the white hat… Tikhon Mollard and Mel Pleska. Neither has any scandal attaching to them, and I’m told that both of them oppose the kid-glove treatment that abusers and the corrupt have enjoyed for the past 40-odd years.

I’d say discount anything you hear from Monomuckos… if there’s anything worse than child abusers, it’s the greasy shitbirds who support them and allow them to continue. Fathausen is, indeed, that… his dalliance with Podmoshensky makes him unfit to run a doghouse, let alone a monastery or archdiocese. Simply look about you and notice who’s supporting such, and oppose them. “Dialogue” is useless at this point. To all of the drivellers at Monomuckos, I say, “I’ll see ya on the other side of the barricades. And, no… you shall not pass”.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Albany NY


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