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Saturday, 27 October 2012

27 October 2012. Putin Sez “The West Treats Us Like We Just Came Down From the Trees”


Sometimes, the arrogance and hubris of Americans and their zapadnik lickspittles gets to one. However, reality does come to the rescue, kids. The high n’ mighty Americans have to beg rides on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft… they wasted all of their money on wars, conspicuous consumption, and big tax breaks to the Affluent Effluent. They have no money for housing and proper universal healthcare, let alone space exploration. President Eisenhower was right… the military-industrial complex has eaten up all our substance and it cries for MORE.

Look at this image. American cosmonauts have to hitch rides on Russian spacecraft. That’s due to the Bushies, kids. The Russians didn’t just come down from the trees, and neither did you. If you want to rebuild America, vote for President Obama. If you want to bomb wogs, suppress voting rights in the South and Southwest, and kick our seniors and unemployed in the teeth, vote for Romney. It’s a choice, kids… a stark and relentless choice. You can have bad-to-lukewarm (Obama) or you can have outright evil (Romney)… that means that one chooses the best alternative available, not “the best of all possible worlds”. That’s what adults do.

Vote for the Prez.



Something from Val Zorin of VOR to Think Upon Before Deciding Whom to Vote For…


A few days ago, the leading hierarchs of the world’s Orthodox Christian Churches declared in Istanbul that the current economic crisis was a result of two things, perversely-planned and inhuman economic policies that ignored the real needs of the people, and an often maniacal passion for a higher profit margin. Today’s generation of denizens on the Potomac would rather close their eyes to those things and keep silent. Just the wrong thing to do!

Valentin Zorin


Val Zorin’s one of the “elder statesmen” at VOR. He’s an old Gosteleradio correspondent, who worked in the USA from the time of the Civil Rights Movement in the ‘60s. He dismissed Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan with the observation, “You never forgot that he was an actor”.

If you vote for the Republican Party, you vote for:

  • perversely-planned and inhuman economic policies that ignore the real needs of the people
  • a maniacal passion for a higher profit margin

That was the estimation given by our leading bishops two years ago… we shouldn’t disregard their wise observations. If you vote for the “Me First” Republican Party, you spit on Christ and His Church… it’s quite that simple.

Think that over well before Election Day


27 October 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. It’s a Première, Mr Bond!

It’s a Première, Mr Bond!

Sergei Yolkin



Mars Winery in Russia makes a wine known as Портвейн 777 (Portvein 777: Port Wine 777). Trust me, it makes Thunderchicken and Night Train look good… no foolin’. It’s the tipple of choice of students and other such impecunious sorts… but not of drunkards, who prefer vodka. In colloquial Russian, it’s known as “Three Axes” due to the shape of the “sevens”. In other words, don’t confuse the “top shelf” 007 with the “rotgut bum wine” 777, y’hear. It’s yet another complex Yolkin play on words, this time, from Russian pop culture.



The latest “James Bond”, Daniel Craig, starred in the new film 007: Coordinates Skyfall, which is now out in Russian cinemas.

25 October 2012

Sergei Yolkin



Bulgaria Marks St Dimitar Day, “Beginning of Winter”

Great Martyr St Dmitri of Thessaloniki (St Dimitar)


The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks St Dimitar Day, believed to herald the beginning of winter, on Friday 26 October. According to Christian legend, St Dimitar is the “master of frost and snow”, rides a red horse, and the year’s first snowflakes fall from his white beard. As a forerunner of winter, in popular belief, St Dimitar is associated with the netherworld… the world of the dead and of the forefathers. The so-called Dimitrovska Zadushnitsa (All Souls’ Day) is on the Saturday preceding St Dimitar Day.

The church holiday honours the Holy Martyr St Dimitar. Legend has it that he was born in the town of Thessaloniki. After the death of his father, he became a chief of the town, accepted the Christian religion, he started teaching the residents of Thessaloniki that they shouldn’t believe and pray to idols, but that they should embrace Jesus Christ instead. Emperor Maximian ordered Dimitar thrown into a dungeon. Even locked in prison, St Dimitar continued spreading his faith among the people; because of that, he was murdered, speared in the ribs. After some time, during the digging of a ditch, workmen discovered St Dimitar’s holy remains, which radiated healing fragrant “myrrh”.

In church hymnography, St Dimitar is glorified as a martyr, keeper of kings, a man who hated war and loved peace, and a haven for those seeking help. These last images of Saint Dimitar find their own place in our folk rituals. On St Dimitar Day, people with the names Dimitar, Dimitrina, Mitko, or Dimo traditionally host great parties, where, joined by their friends, they celebrate their Name Day.

26 October 2012


Sofia News Agency



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